Market Trend Analysis: A Pragmatic Assessment of the FinTech Industry Trends

November 30, 2018

FinTech Industry Trends

The financial services sector is witnessing major transformations owing to the emergence of innovative products and business models. Finance has been one of the last areas of the business to see disruption, but nonetheless, it is catching up quickly. However, the fintech revolution has impacted every industry today if you’re someone who is not aware of ‘Fintech’, its high time you pull up your socks and explore new opportunities in the fintech industry. Revolutionary advancements have not just impacted the financial sector but have the potential to change the way we conduct transactions across all aspects of the business. Here are a few major trends that are driving this revolution:

  • Technological advancements
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Increased fintech regulation
  • Automation

Client’s Profile

The client– a multinational fintech industry player in the U.S, offering a portfolio of B2B and B2C services for companies across different industries.

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Predicaments Faced

Over the past few years, financial organizations have been faced with an ever-increasing regulatory burden. With the compliance costs skyrocketing, several global fintech companies are being pressurized to comply with regulatory requirements across jurisdictions.  Also, the growing cost of compliance has driven many organizations to invest in ‘Reg Tech’. With such rapid changes influencing business growth, the client- a fintech industry player wanted to conduct market trend analysis to enhance their portfolio of B2B offerings. As such they wanted to collaborate with Infiniti Research to leverage its expertise in market trend analysis and gain deep-dive insights into the rapidly evolving market segments.

Our Approach

The ultimate aim of this assessment was to leverage market trend analysis methods to evaluate fintech companies based on the key performance metrics and industry benchmarks. Our researchers conducted in-depth market surveys and used market trendRequest Proposal analysis methods to uncover new fintech industry trends and methodologies to aid the client’s business growth. Infiniti’s powerful market trend analysis solutions offered in-depth insights into market developments, thereby helping the fintech industry client to stay up-to-date on new mergers, regulations, and market trends.

Business Impact

Our expertise in working with financial organizations across different market segments revealed a few critical factors of the marketplace that must be understood to thrive in a shifting marketplace. A detailed market trend analysis suggested the development of more than 20 new areas that were emerging as new standards in the financial sector. The results obtained from different market trend analysis methods also suggests that as the fintech industry continues to mature, fintech companies are likely to enter a period of consolidation, with larger players turning to M&A’s to satisfy their expansion goals.

Market trend analysis offered the much-needed market insights that empowered them to identify and capitalize on new acquisition targets. It also served as the basis for future market projections, while helping the client identify new growth opportunities, understand the signals of change, and develop and execute new strategic plans.

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