Industry Risk Assessment Engagement: How a Leading Financial Services Provider Assessed Potential Market Risks

July 25, 2018

Lower interest rates, stringent customer satisfaction regulations, and catastrophic economic incidents are some of the major pain points which have been holding back leading financial services providers from expanding their businesses.

Competition in the BFSI sector has always been fierce and is only getting fiercer with scores of financial service providers ready to offer lucrative investment options. While consumer courts are tightening the noose around the service providers and occurrence of unwanted incidents, the integrity of financial service companies have been affected.

However, in the wake of digitalization, maintaining a steady balance sheet is only feasible by implementing modern technologies into the modus operandi of the BFSI sector. Technology is expected to not only ramp up operations but to also increase transparency as the customers get to handle their own finance instead of a third person. Additionally, adoption of technologies must be backed up Request Proposalwith analytics, which can foresee customer needs and tailor products and services accordingly. 

Business Issues

  • The client: Financial services provider

A leading global financial services provider approached Infiniti to conduct a risk assessment analysis of the market to determine the feasibility of investments in the BFSI sector. The financial services provider wanted to identify the potential risks it could face and accordingly adopt strategies to overcome the same while also gaining an upper hand in the competition.

How Can Risk Assessment Help Financial Services Providers?

A holistic financial services risk assessment analysis will enable the BFSI sector in taking effective and well-informed business decisions with respect to the specific risks that the market poses for such products. The risk assessment solution will also help in drawing a clear picture of the BFSI ecosystem, which would reveal the market strategies implemented by the leading financial services companies.

Summary of our risk assessment solution?


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Client Journey

Infiniti’s risk assessment experts have conducted an intensive research on the market across the globe, its dynamic trends, and the potential obstacles the market can pose for the client. It involved studying the market with respect to the evolving socio-economic conditions, the change in expectations of the customers, and evaluating the impact of the client’s products and services on the market. A qualitative and quantitative research conducted by the risk assessment experts was supplemented with the data sourced from integral secondary sources like paid BFSI databases, company presentations, and industry forums. Get More InfoIt helped the client in devising well-informed strategies that can effectively mitigate the market risks. 

Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

The financial services provider was able to identify the major risk factors in the market, which could potentially impede the business growth of the client. The risk assessment study enabled the financial services provider to devise an effective market strategy with a holistic focus on the market trends, the changing expectations of the customers, and the technological advancements adopted by the competitors. The market risk assessment also facilitated the client with a futuristic approach as they were able to create a backup plan to mitigate any potential risks emerging later in the BFSI sector.

The Future

With the rapid advancement of technology, scores of leading financial services providers are contemplating the introduction of more advanced modes of digitalization such as artificial intelligence and digital labor. These are expected to unravel new possibilities of business and its futuristic approach will offer insights on the economic dynamics and help the financial service providers consolidate their position in the competitive market.

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