Competitor Analysis Engagement for A Leading Fast Food Industry Client Helps Them Gain A Competitive Advantage Over Other Competitors in the EU Market

July 13, 2018

Transformative technologies and increasing concentration of the supply chain are likely to disrupt the global scenario of the vertical fast food industry chain and boost transparency for customers in the coming years.

Developments like blockchain, which changed the financial services industry, are gaining traction in the global fast food industry due to rising expectations around transparency. Digitalization means consumers expect to have minute details on ingredients sourcing and manufacturing processes at their fingertips. They also want to know what is there in the fast food, who made it, where it comes from, and how it was produced.  Additionally, fast food safety challenges occur along each step of the supply chain from concept to commercialization. An upsurge in population is important in terms of future fast food demand, as it relates to sufficient fast food production as well as fast food security. Request ProposalAs a result, depending upon how the global trade develops, the ability of the players in the food industry to set food-related standards will accordingly be influenced.

Business Issues

  • The client: A top fast food industry player

A renowned player in the fast food industry space with a considerable number of products offerings across the globe approached Infiniti to carry out a competitor analysis engagement. The client was facing predicaments in gaining a detailed analysis of the competitors, their sales numbers, and market shares in the EU market. As a result, the client wanted to develop vigorous promotional and marketing strategies to gain a competitive advantage over other companies in the EU market. Besides, the client wanted to profile major competitors in the global fast food industry and understand their current marketing initiatives. With the help of Infiniti’s competitor analysis engagement, the client wanted to evaluate peer fast food establishments’ performance and capabilities and make qualitative and quantitative comparisons.

How Can Competitor Analysis Help Fast Food Industry Players?

Competitor analysis engagements help fast food industry players to deliver variety, affordability, and safety in their product offerings. Also, businesses can efficiently observe competitors pricing strategies and proactively augment strategies to compare their performance against competitors in the EU market. Deploying Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution also helps fast food industry players to quantify brand and advertising awareness among the competitors and efficiently evaluate customer satisfaction levels.

Summary of our competitor analysis solution?

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Client Journey

Infiniti’s competitor analysis experts carried out a wide-ranging quantitative and qualitative research with leading investors in the fast food industry to help the client profile potential competitors and develop robust strategies based on the analysis of competitors. Additionally, the experts also compiled information across exclusive secondary sources such as paid industry catalogs and company exhibits to help the fast food industry client to gain a deeper understanding of the potential competitors in the EU market.

Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

With the help of Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution, the fast food industry client compared the performance of the competitors and identified opportunities to differentiate their products in the EU market. Additionally, the client remained updated about the ad campaigns in terms of the competitor’s brand, positioning, and target market. This helped the client to build a more comprehensive and responsive business strategy and ensure better consistency for the products being offered.

The Future of the Global Fast Food Industry

As more and more people from all walks of life continue to recognize the benefits of plant-based eating, on their health, they will continue to seek out vegan, healthy fast food options. However, it may be challenging for mature brands to progressively hinge toward a plant-based model in a way that does not estrange their existing customer base.

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