Competitive Intelligence Engagement Helps a Leading Electrical Switchgear Manufacturer to Comprehend Competitor’s Product Marketing Strategy

July 6, 2018

In the field of power and electrical engineering, when the power supply increases, so do the risks – both to the individuals carrying out the work and to the equipment itself. Therefore, safety is always the priority for any electrical switchgear manufacturer. Additionally, when the occupational hazards are unavoidably heightened by higher voltage requirements, safety systems must be enhanced and adhered to accordingly, right from the planning, testing, and installation of electrical switchgear and transformer equipment, through to its operation and maintenance.

Moreover, the challenge of coordinating site access and timings can be especially heightened during the manufacture of higher voltage electric switchgear projects. However, it is inevitable that networks will be disrupted to connect into the system, even if conducting only routine safety and efficiency testing of the equipment.

Business Issues

  • The client: An electrical switchgear manufacturer

A leading electrical switchgear manufacturer – approached Infiniti to conduct a competitive intelligence engagement to understand the competitors’ performance and assess new opportunities in the global power market. The client was facing certain challenges in gaining a complete understanding of the competitors’ structure, behavior, and capabilities. As a result, they wanted to improve their product positioning strategy, bolster profits, and simplify the strategic decision-making process.

How Can Competitive Intelligence Help Electrical Switchgear Manufacturer?

Competitive intelligence solutions aid in gathering, evaluating, and application of business information about the company’s peers. Competitive intelligence solutions can further assist companies to make better-informed decisions about their product positioning and marketing strategies. Furthermore, the competitive intelligence solutions helped the electrical switchgear manufacturer to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors and identify signals of disruptions in the global power market.

Summary of our competitive intelligence solution?

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Client Journey

To help the electrical switchgear manufacturer establish their presence in the global power market, Infiniti’s competitive intelligence experts collated essential information from primary and secondary sources and conducted a robust SWOT analysis. Furthermore, to help the client understand the competitors’ product portfolios, the experts also carried out discussions and interviews with leading stakeholders in the global power market.

Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

The competitive intelligence solution offered by Infiniti helped the electrical switchgear manufacturer understand the competitor’s product marketing strategy. Infiniti further assisted the client in leveraging the use of technologies to improve their operations. The client was further able to increase consistency in returns and benchmark their product offerings with the other prominent players in the power market. The client was further able to comprehend and efficiently address problems with their sales approach.

The Future

Electrical switchgear failure has caused serious injuries and damages to individuals and assets alike. As a result, electrical switchgear manufacturers have started to include features like integrated arc flash detection, which reduces the risk of harm to people and equipment. The manufacturers have also started planning on adding connectivity that allows local or remote monitoring and control of the switch/fuse-switch functions for improved safety and efficiency.

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