Customer Satisfaction: Elevating Patient Experience, Reducing Churn in Home Health

January 16, 2019

Why is Customer Satisfaction Analysis Important for Home Health Care Services Providers?

As the population continues to age, home health care services continue to grow. The home health care services’ growth is being driven by two factors – the rapid increase in the number of older Americans and rising pressure on the overall healthcare industry to meet the needs of this growing population in a cost-effective way.  Moreover, the economic downturn, healthcare reform legislation, the changing preferences of seniors in America, all have contributed towards the tremendous growth of the home health care services sector.

However, despite these booming trends in home healthcare services, the home health care industry faces a host of new challenges. Changing customer behavior towards home health care services, advances in technology, political pressure, accountable care organization requirements, customer service, and lack of patient satisfaction are mounting up the pressure on the home health care services sector – even though the problem lies in poor communication with the customers and in providing a better customer experience. In recent years, the nature of business in the US home health care services sector has become more customer-centric. Thus, for companies in the home health care services industry, customer satisfaction analysis is likely to become an increasingly important source of competitive advantage.

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Customer Satisfaction Analysis: Retaining Customers and Reducing Customer Churn

The client, based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is one of the largest home health providers and sixth largest hospice care provider in the United States. The company offers a range of services, including in-home skilled nursing, physical, occupational and speech therapy, medical social work, home aides, and bereavement services.

The Business Challenge

The client, based out of US was facing challenges in meeting their customers’ requirement. The client noted that dissatisfied customers resulted in revenue losses for the company. As dissatisfied customers moved to their competitors’ brands, the company’s profit margins got affected. This forced the client to focus more on the need to maintain a better customer experience for their firm. To do this, the home health care services provider approached Infiniti Research. By leveraging Infiniti’s customer satisfaction analysis solution, the client wanted to obtain a complete list of their target customers. Moreover, the client, with the aid of customer satisfaction analysis was looking to improve customer experience for increasing the overall revenue of their company.

Other challenges faced by the home health care services provider included:

Problem Statement 1

The home health care services provider wanted a detailed survey report of all their customers’ experience, especially for figuring out the areas of improvement with customer satisfaction analysis.

Problem Statement 2

With the help of Infiniti’s customer satisfaction analysis, the client wanted to identify the common characteristics of their customers to target their unique needs.

Problem Statement 3

By leveraging solutions that aid in customer satisfaction analysis, the home health care services provider wanted to design specific services and identify relevant resources to meet common needs for similar customers, which would help them in improving their customer experience.

Problem Statement 4

With customer satisfaction analysis, they aimed at strengthening their competitive advantage by understanding customers’ perspective and build capabilities to support their competitive advantage.

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Solutions Delivered

To help the client gain a complete picture of their customers’ requirements and measure the customer experience levels, the home health care services provider conducted a customer satisfaction analysis. With the aid of Infiniti’s customer satisfaction analysis engagement, the client was able to obtain detailed insights into the customers’ preferences and their overall experience with the company. The experts at Infiniti Research also listed out the requirements of the customers/patients with the aid of a customer satisfaction analysis solution. The customer satisfaction analysis engagement helped the home health care services provider to improve their services according to the patients’ requirements. This helped in building up more trust among their customers, which subsequently promoted customer retention. Also, the recent increase in customer retention rate gradually resulted in higher health care outcomes.

The solution offered improved the customer satisfaction rate, which helped the company to create a better brand value. The customer satisfaction analysis resulted in better customer experience and improved profit margins by 27%.

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