Customer Intelligence Study Assists an Automotive Parts Supplier to Understand Customer Behavior

August 9, 2017

With a wide array of options manifested in the form of choices, customers of today are more demanding and less loyal. The contribution of technology has further influenced the customer into being more rational and well-informed – where they look for the value of the products rather than the brand associated with it. The recent study on customer intelligence highlights the fact that the lack of loyalty is the utmost concern for leading retailers. Consequently, to associate with their customers’ choice and preferences, reputed organizations have started investing highly in customer intelligence solutions to engage with their consumers. Customer intelligence mainly involves the study of so called “fast and furious customers” and their behavior patterns to make effective and intelligent business decisions.

Infiniti’s customer intelligence solution delivers a holistic overview to the client by analyzing customers’ buying behavior, web activity, and social media presence. Also, the customer intelligence solution focuses on building a robust customer engagement strategy while creating long-lasting relationships. Infiniti’s effective solutions also assist clients in leveraging the use of robust market assessment tools to gauge customer information.

The Business ChallengeIR_Brochure

Just like any other automotive supplier that employes a considerable number of employees, the company was facing challenges understanding customer behavior and looked to leverage customer intelligence solutions to organize and gather data in more efficient ways.

Through this customer intelligence study, the client wanted to understand the visitor’s behavior, marketing effectiveness, and product differentiation strategies. Since there were no possible ways that the supplier could understand the market for specific products, the supplier had to analyze the behavior patterns of the automotive products and their preferences over preferred choices.

The Journey

To gain a deeper understanding of customers’ behavior patterns, Infiniti’s team of analysts decided to craft a customer intelligence dashboard with intuitive information on client’s different preferences. This dashboard also collated data across different dimensions such as transaction data, clickstream data from google analytics, and website behavior data and generated meaningful insights into customers’ buying patterns.

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Customer Intelligence Solution Benefits

  • Gained comprehensive insights on the client’s buying patterns
  • The dashboard provided insights on the individual performance of brands
  • Assessed the customer journey tracking from the initial browsing stage to the on-sight stage
  • Gained a consolidated view of the stakeholders’ performance metrics

The Results

With the help of Infiniti’s effective solutions, the client was able to create a robust customer engagement strategy based on customer insights. Also, by integrating information gathered from different sources, the client was able to analyze individual customers’ likes and dislikes, predict customer behavior, and deliver tailored actions across channels. Moreover, the customer intelligence solution also allowed the automotive client to target the right potential customers at the right time.

A must-read customer intelligence case study for strategy experts and decision makers looking to develop an effective market entry strategy for the automotive landscape.

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