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October 17, 2018

Why is Employee Engagement Important?

Employee Engagement is mostly an afterthought for leading business organizations today, instead, it should be practiced across all levels of business hierarchy and cultivated on an ongoing basis to leverage employee satisfaction. In general employee engagement describes the workforce who are goal-oriented and drive value to the company. A business organization that encourages and supports its’ employees will achieve its business goals sooner when compared to others.

However, that’s just one reason to nurture employee engagement strategies. Here are a few other equally important reasons to the question – Why is Employee Engagement Important?

  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • It enhances the company’s culture
  • It helps to retain the best among the lot

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Predicaments Faced: 

A decentralized management system played spoilsport to the company’s thriving game. The client’s talent management practices played a crucial role in its vast diversification. However, such a diversified structure apparently turned out to be a major constraint for the corporate media firm’s expansion goals. Though the management was able to tailor their employee engagement strategies in line with their individual business requirements it ultimately resulted in conflicts as well as duplication issues in several areas across the corporate media conglomerate.

Furthermore, the divided structure turned out to be a major bottleneck for all employees to pursue different, lateral opportunities available in other units. Besides, since every unit had its individual technology systems, the client faced challenges in implementing end-to-end talent analytics as well as employee engagement strategies across their business units. [spacer height=”5px”]

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Our Approach: 

Transformations made by our talent management experts have yielded significant benefits to the corporate media conglomerate. By adopting a more strategic perspective toward the company’s broader employee engagement requirements and combining various resources, the corporate media firm gained the ability to enhance employee engagement across their business units.

Business Impact: 

The streamlined approach also helped the corporate media client to gain in-depth insights into- how to improve employee engagement across their BU’s. The adopted strategies turned out to be a cornerstone to success, helping the corporate media firm to roll out new iterations and surveys.

Also, due to the centralization of their employee management strategies, the corporate media conglomerate now enjoys a one-stop source of employee data, which has ushered in a whole new world of talent analytics possibilities. According to the corporate media firm, Infiniti’s collaborative approach was ultimately one of the key factors for the overall success of its strategies.

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