Analyzing New Markets with the Help of Competitor Analysis – A Case Study on the Indian Mobile Phones Market

Sep 11, 2018

Competitor Analysis Framework: Why is it crucial to success?

Successful organizations are those who steer past the turbulent market conditions and do it better than their peers. Competitive markets are difficult to penetrate; thereby, making it necessary for players to adopt precise strategies to gauge the market landscape before setting foot. A detailed understanding of the competitive landscape is crucial as it helps identify competitors and succeed in the market. An analysis framework is what helps to gauge the competitive environment while helping you answer important questions pertaining to market concentration, positioning along the value chain, and the competitor’s background.

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Client’s Background:[spacer height=”10px”]

The client is a leading player in the mobile phones market in India

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Predicaments Faced:[spacer height=”10px”]

As a part of their business strategy, the Indian smartphone market client wanted to devise a robust competitor analysis framework to analyze a new market. The growing number of smartphone brands has increased drastically over the past few years. This had led to a rise in competitiveness. As a result, the client wanted to develop a competitor analysis framework to identify new markets that they could venture into and capitalize on.

Our approach:[spacer height=”10px”]

This competitor analysis engagement followed a bespoke approach to develop a competitor analysis framework to analyze competitor data. The experts at Infiniti Research conducted in-depth competitor research on the global mobile phones market using data gathered from over 500 primary and secondary channels. With the help of this data, our experts further assessed the growth potential of new markets and gauged the competitive landscape within the global mobile phones market.

Business Impact:[spacer height=”10px”]

The solutions and recommendations offered granular insights into the mobile phones market in terms of technological developments, the market scope, and the overall competitive landscape. Also, the development of a precise competitor analysis framework provided the required data to develop precise business strategies to gain a winning edge over their peers.

This in-depth analysis helped uncovered insights on:

  • Managing disruptive changes
  • Monitoring competitors
  • Developing winning proposals for entering new markets

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