Competitive Pricing Strategy for Automotive Manufacturers

December 21, 2018

Overview of the US Automotive Industry

Today, the automotive industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries across the globe. In recent years, automotive manufacturers witnessed a drastic evolution with several technological advancements. Such advancements in technology have led to multiple innovations in the industry, bringing about a paradigm shift in the way companies operate and automotive manufacturers market their products. Being one of the most innovative sectors, fierce competition is at the core of the automotive manufacturers. The ongoing fluctuations in policy, leadership, and other dynamics have affected vehicle sales, both in the US and Europe. Moreover, the policies proposed by the countries regarding trade and environment regulations are changing, creating uncertainty in the purchase of newly launched vehicles. Thus, the automotive manufacturers need to figure out ways in which they can turn this adversity into advantage.

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Predicaments Faced

About the Client: multinational automotive manufacturer, based out of the US, concentrating on the manufacturing and sales of high-end luxury vehicles.

The client, a leading automotive manufacturer, wanted to monitor the price changes employed by their competitors. By employing Infiniti’s competitive pricing strategy, the client wanted to respond to price changes of their competitors and control the competition by limiting the loss of market share. Moreover, by employing a competitive pricing strategy, they wanted to keep their customers happy and progress their business by better managing and benchmarking pricing strategies.

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Solutions Delivered

By employing Infiniti’s competitive pricing strategy, the automotive manufacturer was able to control the competition by avoiding loss of consumers and market shares. Constant monitoring of price fluctuations with the help of a competitor analysis strategy helped them to respond to price changes and limited the loss of market share. The automotive manufacturer was also able to respond quickly to competitors’ pricing strategy. In addition, by improving both customer satisfaction and customer retention levels, the automotive manufacturer was able to gain a top spot in the global market space.

Competitive Pricing Analysis: Why is it Important for Businesses

Competitive pricing analysis allows businesses to regulate the competition by limiting loss of customers and market shares. Employing a competitive pricing strategy can further help in better positioning of your business. Furthermore, a competitive pricing analysis helps businesses to respond to price changes by competitors and control the competition by preventing the loss of market share. As a result, companies can adjust their strategies to match those of their competitors and prevent customers loss.

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