Competitive Intelligence: Beverage Supplier Product Penetration Analysis

July 20, 2017

With the introduction of high tensile strength advanced polymers in the market, plastics have shown a considerable increase in its adoption, especially for material handling purposes. Material handling equipment is used to store, lift, and transport materials to different places. Plastics find application across industries such as agriculture, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, retail, and automotive for storing and material transportation purposes.capture In the plastic material handling industry, products are in the form of pallets, trays, and containers. Although the market for plastic material handling is witnessing an exponential growth, it is expected to face several challenges. Bulk material handling, dusting, batching, cleanability, and segregation are some of the factors, which are anticipated to hamper the growth of the market. With years of expertise in carrying out effective market analysis for various Fortune 500 companies, Infiniti’s experts offer strategic insights into the market space for plastic material handling products in terms of the competitors, product portfolio, and challenges.

The Business Challenge

A global conglomerate in beverage and retail was facing challenges understanding the product lines similar to pallets. The client wanted to better understand the plastic material handling products market in the US. The key objective of the engagement was to understand, evaluate, and provide insights on the market and the competitive and customer landscape for plastic material handling products (pallets, trays, and containers).

Our Research Methodology

To gain actionable insights into the market landscape, Infiniti’s industry experts followed a blended research approach comprising of semi-structured interviews and discussions with market leading experts, product managers, procurement experts, decision makers, analysts, researchers, consultants, and members of trade associations. To identify the stakeholders for primary research, experts conducted robust secondary research through proprietary and open data sources, market research reports, white papers, magazines, and publications.

Our Solution Helped the Client

  • Identify the potential competitors in the market in terms of their product portfolio and the average selling price
  • Assess the market size by volume (units) and revenue (USD)
  • Understand the major demand drivers and estimate the industry level margins
  • Assess the competitive and customer landscape of the market

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

In a span of eight weeks, the competitive intelligence study helped the client analyze the penetration level of products into pallets, crates, and containers. The engagement also helped the client assess the value chain in terms of the supply chain and distribution channel.

A must-read market analysis case study for strategy experts and decision makers looking to understand the market landscape for plastic material handling products.



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