Solar Panel Supplier Cuts Costs with Competitive Intelligence

October 29, 2019

Competitive Intelligence Study for Solar Panel Suppliers

Over the past few years, the demand for solar panels have substantially increased due to the rise in consumer demand and the growing environmental awareness. However, the declining solar panel prices and installation difficulties continue to   increase challenges for solar panel suppliers. Owing to such challenges, leading solar panel suppliers are focusing on making improvements in grid infrastructure and enhancing installation processes.

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Business Challenges

The client is a solar panel dealer based out of Central Europe.

Our client, a solar panel supplier, faced challenges in efficiently installing solar panels at residential and commercial spaces. The major challenges faced by the client were lack of skilled labor, lack of expertise to carry roof assessment, and inability to keep up with regular maintenance and inspections. The client, therefore, wanted to understand how their competitors tackled these challenges. Besides, they wanted to analyze how well they performed compared to the top solar panel suppliers.

Solar panel suppliers challenge #1: Lack of expertise in carrying roof assessment

As older roofs cannot tolerate the weight of shingles and solar arrays, conducting a proper roof deck and frame structure inspection were vital before solar panel installation. However, the client did not have a qualified team to carry out the roof assessment. With Infiniti’s solution, the client wanted to understand how their competitors tackled this challenge. In addition, the client wanted to evaluate the technologies and automation processes leveraged by the top solar panel suppliers to ensure proper installation.

Solar panel suppliers challenge #2: Constant maintenance issues

Constant cases of equipment maintenance were increasing difficulties for the solar panel supplier. Also, this subsequently impacted the brand image and increased customer churn. With Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solution, the client wanted to understand how other solar panel suppliers ensured the longest possible life out of products they installed.

Solar panel suppliers challenge #3: Supply-demand mismatch

Regular cases of supply-demand mismatch were observed. Due to this, the client encountered huge losses in profits. The client, therefore, wanted to evaluate the potential demand for their products in advance. Additionally, they wanted to understand the factors impacting solar panel demand in Central Europe.

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Solutions Offered

Our experts followed a four-phased approach to competitive intelligence engagement.

  • Company profiling and analysis to gather comprehensive insights into the top solar panel suppliers in Central Europe. The factors such as their capital investment, business models, end-customers, and strengths and weaknesses were taken into consideration.
  • A competitive pricing analysis to evaluate customers’ sensitivity to price changes and monitor the price gaps between the client and their competitors.
  • A competitive benchmarking analysis to compare the client’s performance with respect to the top 10 solar panel suppliers in Central Europe.
  • A demand management study to evaluate factors impacting the demand for solar panels in Central Europe

Results Obtained

With our competitive intelligence study, the client was able to keep up with lucrative technologies and processes to ensure successful installation of solar panels. In addition, the experts recommended the client to offer regular preventive maintenance services to their customers. This helped them to enhance product lifecycle. By thoroughly analyzing the top solar panel suppliers in Central Europe, the experts further helped the client to understand areas where they lacked in comparison to their competitors.

The client even recruited skilled labor to conduct roof deck and frame structure inspection. By understanding the product demand in advance, they were also able to reduce supply-demand mismatch. Within one year of leveraging competitive intelligence solution, the client was able to reduce operational cost by 13%.

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