Healthcare Company’s Study on Crohn’s Disease Treatment Expansion

April 22, 2020

Compressed timelines, complex study protocols, increased regulatory expectations, and new technologies and industry standards are increasing challenges for healthcare companies to expand their treatment portfolios. Also, the lack of current and emerging treatment data related to Crohn’s disease, regulatory status assessment, clinical profile assessment, and evaluation of clinical trials are making it difficult for healthcare companies to develop efficacious treatments for diseases with minimal adverse effects. As such, healthcare companies need to carry out a clinical landscape study.

This success story highlights how our clinical landscape study helped a healthcare company to expand its treatment portfolio and offers specific to Crohn’s disease based on recent market changes in terms of epidemiology trends, existing treatment therapies, drug pipeline and unmet needs of patients.

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Business Challenge

A US-based healthcare industry client was interested in expanding its treatment portfolio and offerings specific to Crohn’s disease. To gauge its progress against other companies in the space, the client sought to analyze the clinical competitive landscape for therapies. Also, as a part of its commercialization plan, the client wanted to understand how to optimize clinical trial designs and offerings specific to chron’s disease to achieve successful market access across Canada, China, and Japan.

Previously, the client solely relied on the web research to gain an understanding of the clinical landscape. However, the web research was consuming longer time and even the client discovered gaps in the data. Consequently, the client was unable to keep tabs on the design and progress of competitor trials in order to make informed decisions. As such, they chose to partner with Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering clinical landscape study.

Other key objectives of the client were:

  • Understanding how competing drugs are going through the development process
  • Analyzing trial design and validation, ongoing and planned trials, forecast study results, and projected labels
  • Identifying areas of unmet need and directing clinical development strategy to the areas with the greatest opportunity
  • Analyzing sequential, line-by-line treatment pathways in market-relevant scenarios to support brand positioning, strategic planning, and business development
  • Optimizing market access strategy with brand-level insight regarding the impact of payer policy on physician prescribing behavior
  • Reviewing current treatments, assessing unmet needs and corresponding opportunities, and profiling emerging therapies
  • Identifying the greatest unmet needs by assessing current drug performance against treatment drivers
  • Analyzing market scenario simulations for different sets of target product profiles

With over 15 years of expertise in helping healthcare companies worldwide, we can help you identify areas of unmet needs and direct your clinical development strategy to the areas with the greatest opportunity.

Our Integrated Approach: Expanding Treatment Portfolios and Offerings Specific to Crohn’s Disease

The experts at Infiniti Research followed a five-phased approach to clinical landscape analysis.

The initial phase of the engagement involved coverage of 170+ indications and biomarkers across 2700 patient segments globally. This also involved devising a market forecast dashboard that provided enhanced data-mining capabilities with auto-generated charts and figures to create customized views based on specific populations, geographies, and drug classes specific to Crohn’s disease.

The second phase involved leveraging an existing database of physicians, HCPs, KOLs and Patients in the target countries to identify additional contacts. Besides, 150+ primary interviews across different regions with the selected stakeholders were conducted to extract information about areas that are not covered in published sources. 

The third phase of the clinical landscape study involved understanding the current medical practice landscape for Crohn’s disease, evaluating the factors or obstacles that drive treatment selection, and creating influential messaging for physicians by identifying brand differentiators.

The fourth phase of the engagement involved tracking the client’s competitors’ overall brand performance to understand market dynamics and quantifying the opportunity for increasing the brand performance in targeted segments with visibility into brand usage by specific lines of therapy.

The final phase involved understanding the treatment journey and drug positioning specific to Crohn’s disease, benchmarking Crohn’s disease drug’s uptake against comparable past launches, and evaluating competitors’ strategies for obtaining favorable market access conditions in specific regions. This phase of the engagement also involved assessing the current and future market size for biosimilars specific to Crohn’s disease and evaluating the global biosimilar pipeline and launch timing in major markets.

Business Outcome

Crohn’s Disease

Infiniti’s clinical landscape analysis engagement helped the client to assess the potential of Crohn’s disease treatment market and identify major treatment guidelines in Canada, China, and Japan that impact drugs that are approved for Crohn’s disease. The experts also helped the client to profile the pipeline of players that are currently developing drugs for Crohn’s disease.

The client was also able to understand how competing drugs are going through the development process, gain insight into where they are in the licensing process, and increase awareness of their drug’s disease landscape. Besides, the experts helped the client to understand physicians’ multichannel behaviors and tactics influencing drug prescription. In addition to this, the client was able to understand patients’ multichannel behaviors and needs. These insights gave the client confidence in their standing relative to competitors and helped them to guide clinical trial decisions.

In addition to this, the client was able to expand its treatment portfolios and offerings specific to Crohn’s disease across Canada, China, and Japan. Also, the client was able to identify areas of unmet need and direct clinical development strategy to the areas with the greatest opportunity and optimize market access strategy.

Within one year of leveraging our clinical landscape study solution, the client was able to improve R&D productivity and make validation processes more efficient, resulting in time and cost savings. Besides, the client was able to improve the rate of success in qualifying for government grants, compared to their competitors.

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