Developing an Efficient Business Strategy for a Luxury Cars Brands – Infiniti Research Case Study

Developing an Efficient Business Strategy for a Luxury Cars Brands – Infiniti Research Case Study

Importance of a Business Strategy

In today’s digital era, leading business organizations are concentrating on improving the business value for their investors with effective business strategy. While numerous leading players shift to organizational transformations to do so, a few are investing in generating a business strategy model that correlates with their business’ goals. An effective business strategy can help companies identify market trends and opportunities in a proactive manner. Business strategy can analyze the broader changes in the market such as political, social or technological changes, as well as consumer changes, and can develop tactics so the business can adjust and develop to suit these future changes.

Luxury Cars Market Overview

Luxury cars sales defied the global slump and are continuing to boom on the back of emerging market demand. The luxury cars market is experiencing more opportunities across a broader range of geographies, reaching both developing and emerging markets.

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The rise in tangible luxury offerings in the vehicles, shifting consumer preference from sedan to a hatchback, and increasing disposable income of the consumers are propelling the demand for luxury cars brands. While the market demand for luxury cars brands are expanding, the rising consumer preference for top variants of budget car brands is sure to challenge the industry. Looking ahead, the next few years hold major promise for global manufacturers of premium passenger cars and crossovers.

Types of Business Strategy Models

A distinct business strategy model acts as a framework that supervises business choices and supports you track your performance on an on-going basis. The following are the different business strategy models that play an active role in analyzing the huge realms of qualitative and uncategorized data generated by businesses today:

  • Porters five forces model
  • Porters diamond model
  • Greiner’s growth model
  • Marketing mix model

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