Biopharma Contract Manufacturer: 27% Operational Cost Reduction

February 4, 2020

Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Market Overview

As biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing is becoming a major investment area for traditional pharmaceutical companies owing to the enhanced production capabilities at relatively lower prices, the industry is expected to witness positive growth over the coming years. Additionally, factors such as the reduction in overall investment required to bring a new drug product to market and access to expensive technologies are compelling pharmaceutical companies to outsource to contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) in order to meet their needs and reduce risks. However, market research experts at Infiniti predict that factors such as the rising demand for affordability, the complexity of supply chain operations, quality compliance, and regulatory scrutiny could hinder the market growth of the global biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing industry. As such, players in the biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing industry are in the need to thoroughly monitor market uncertainties and take proactive measures to tackle challenges coming their way.

Top Markets (by global market share): North America and Europe holds the largest share in the biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market and are expected to retain its dominance for the next five years. The experts at Infiniti Research predict that the Asia-Pacific regions including China, Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea will witness steady growth through 2022.

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Business Challenge

A biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing firm based out of the United States, faced challenges in maintaining competitiveness while ensuring affordability, quality, and delivery performance. In addition, the complexity of supply chain operations, quality compliance, and evolving regulatory requirements increased challenges for the biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing firm. The client chose to partner with Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering market monitoring solution. With Infiniti’s solution, they also sought to address other business challenges such as:

Demand for affordability and improved access – The biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing firm struggled to balance rising demand with declining budgets. Also, as manufacturing biologics required highly engineered specialized equipment, such as single-use or stainless-steel bioreactors to prevent cross-contamination, the client had to invest heavily into new technologies and processes. As a result, the company was facing difficulties in delivering products according to price expectations and this subsequently impacted their long-term contract with major pharma companies in the United States.

Complexity of biopharma supply chain – As biologics are heat sensitive and susceptible to contamination, keeping temperature-sensitive biologics at the right temperature range during the transportation process was becoming challenging for the company. The client, therefore, wanted to understand how other major players in the US biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market tackled this challenge and improved efficiency in the supply chain.

Market improvements – The client wanted to understand the technological breakthrough in the US biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market to continually evolve their manufacturing technologies and operational capabilities.

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Our Integrated Approach

To help the client tackle their business challenges, the experts at Infiniti Research initially defined the business problem by creating a framework, complete with key questions and hypotheses specific to the US biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market. Also, an extensive database was generated by the team through secondary research and previous project contact lists.

As a part of the market monitoring engagement, the experts identified the top contract manufacturing organizations in the United States based on the strength scorecards. The factors such as, revenue, market share, technological investment, clients, and product portfolios were analyzed in comparison to the biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market client. The collected data was validated to avoid errors that may be caused due to corrupt or incorrect records and the cleaned data was analyzed to generate insights.

Technology assessment study was also conducted to assess the latest technological breakthrough in the US biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market. Also, detailed insights into the cost of implementation of each technology were offered to the client. In addition, by carrying out a demand management study, the experts helped the client to understand supply chain challenges. Also, the experts recommended cold chain packaging technologies and processes to help the client tackle transportation issues and maintain quality standards.

Results Obtained

The experts at Infiniti Research helped the client to reduce operating costs across manufacturing and quality divisions by adopting lean practices and improving process technology. Also, the client was able to improve operational agility and equipment utilization to increase manufacturing-site capacity. The experts helped the biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market client to identify highly engineered specialized equipment and processes to invest on to prevent cross-contamination and enhance operational efficiency.

By focusing on cold shipping and cold chain packaging solutions, the biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market client was able to cope with a wider range of new temperature requirement issues. Also, by understanding the supply chain strategies followed by the major players in the US biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market, the client was able to undertake similar strategies and reduce complexities associated with the supply chains.

By gathering comprehensive insights into suppliers and associated units, the client was able to acquire a strong, competitive network with the right suppliers, manufacturing plants, and distributors. This subsequently helped the client to save huge operational costs. In addition, Infiniti’s solution helped the biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market client to improve efficiency in the supply chain to better manage inventory, distribution logic, and the complexities of the cold chain. The client was able to sign a $2 million deal with one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the US.

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