Profit Growth through Automotive Market Opportunity Analysis

May 25, 2020

Although the German automotive sector has been witnessing a positive growth over these years, a host of geographical and technological developments are expected to disrupt the automotive market over the next five years. The automotive industry is undergoing dramatic changes owing to the acceleration of technological innovation, evolving customer expectations, and rapidly changing market requirements. These rapid changes in the automotive sector compel automakers to take full advantage of the expected changes and capture the resulting new opportunities. This is where Infiniti steps in with its best-in-class market opportunity analysis. Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis can help automotive companies to make smarter choices in their market development strategies in order to maintain stronger positions in the future.


The client is an automotive manufacturer and supplier based out of Germany.

The client experienced a serious decline in sales for two consecutive years. Consequently, the company started losing its market share. They even noted that their competitors were winning with their new product offerings and superior levels of customer service. Also, they realized that their production model did not meet the market requirement. To manage cost and deliver quality, the client needed to rethink its operations model. Besides, they wanted to revamp their production model by identifying the latest opportunities and market developments. They partnered with Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering market opportunity analysis. By partnering with Infiniti Research, the client also wanted to reduce complexity and improve their manufacturing and purchasing.

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In the initial phase of the market opportunity analysis, the experts worked closely with the client to develop and implement a three-phased strategy.

The initial phase of the market opportunity analysis involved strategy development. This involved analyzing market growth and trends, identifying customer needs, and analyzing competitor positioning. Besides, by leveraging market opportunity analysis, the experts evaluated the client’s financial and operational objectives and challenges.

In the second phase of the market opportunity analysis engagement, the experts developed an entirely new approach to purchasing and supplier relationships. Besides, the experts conducted a thorough analysis of the actual contribution of each product line and determined attractive product lines.

In the last phase of the market opportunity analysis engagement, the experts determined key drivers of profitability and success and benchmarked competitors on costs, service, and profitability.


With Infiniti’s market opportunity assessment, the client experienced a significant service level improvement and profit growth. Also, with market opportunity analysis, they were able to improve their performance substantially.

Besides, Infiniti’s marketing opportunity analysis helped the client to:

  • Install new scheduling systems in each plant
  • Improve stability, eliminate off-line repairs, and eliminate the root causes of scheduling problems
  • Reduce the complexity of vehicle market offerings
  • Alter vehicles to better meet customer needs and requirements
  • Identify key market penetration success factors that maximized potential sales and delivered the most attractive market opportunities
  • Gain an understanding of the growth trends from a customer perspective
  • Implement a demand-pull production model

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