Market Intelligence Drives Automaker’s 37% Sales Increase

March 6, 2020

Automobile Manufacturing Market Overview

Rising automation, digitalization, and evolving business models have revolutionized various industries, and the automobile manufacturing sector is hardly an exception. However, the automobile manufacturing industry is not completely free of challenges. Companies in the automobile manufacturing market are facing challenges in terms of vehicle customization, which consequently increases the cost of integrating new technologies to meet the requirements of end-users. In addition, regulatory bodies are raising the standard on safety, fuel efficiency, and emissions, which also demands to adopt technological advancements. To succeed in the long-run, automobile marketers will need to take advantage of several trends in the automobile manufacturing industry that presents significant new opportunities.

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Business Challenge

The client, an automobile manufacturing company based out of Denmark, encountered a seasonal dip in sales, which subsequently impacted their overall profit margins. Also, with increasing competition, the client has to engage in price wars, which subsequently impacted profits and market share. In addition, the auto dealer struggled to find the right areas within their market to promote their vehicles. Hence, they wanted to standardize marketing technologies, streamline communications, and enhance customer experience and retention. They chose to partner with Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering marketing services.

By collaborating with Infiniti Research, the automobile manufacturing market client wanted to identify elements of their marketing campaigns that are most successful and revamp traditional marketing initiatives to improve sales. In addition, the automobile manufacturing market client wanted to understand how to connect with their target audiences and identify tactics and channels to focus on to drive customer awareness and leads.

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Our Integrated Approach

As a part of Infiniti’s market intelligence engagement, the experts prepared a robust discussion guide, comprising of both qualitative and quantitative questions to gain insights about marketing initiatives from the top automobile manufacturing companies. Additionally, an extensive database was generated by Infiniti Research team through primary and secondary research.

Besides, the experts selected smaller representative audiences and conducted demo campaigns across all the channels. By efficiently gauging the campaign results, they helped the client to analyze the areas where the client lacked and performed well in comparison to their competitors.

Results Obtained

Infiniti’s market intelligence engagement helped the client to create highly targeted online and offline tactics to engage with their customers. This helped the client to increase brand visibility, develop lasting relationships with customers, improve lead generation, and build trust with current customers and prospects.

By identifying the most effective marketing channels, the client was able to focus on creating campaigns that delivered the desired impact. By gathering comprehensive insights into their customers’ needs and requirements, the automobile manufacturing market client was able to personalize marketing approaches for them and drive customer engagement. Besides, the client was able to develop robust marketing campaigns that resonated with their target audience. The client also gained insights into ways to position their products in the marketplace and generate better ROI.

By standardizing marketing technologies and streamlining communications, the automobile manufacturing market client was able to attract 300+ new customers in six months and enhance sales by 37%.

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