Market Intelligence: Future-Proofing Auto Paint Supplies Business

August 16, 2018

Auto Paint Supplies Overview

The rising demand for environment-friendly auto paint supplies and coating materials is one of the key challenges faced by the automotive paint brands.

Integrating technology and the right raw materials to manufacture environmentally friendly and durable auto paints are the two major pain points for the automotive paint brands. In the fiercely competitive market for auto paint supplies, it is a major challenge for the automotive paint brands to keep track of the newest innovations in the automotive industry while coping with the competitors. Request ProposalMoreover, car manufacturers demand newer shades of colors that are durable and can be applied with maximum efficiency, which increases production burden of the auto paint supplies firms.

Business Issue

  • The client: One of the leading automotive paint brands

Increasing prices of raw materials that are required to manufacture durable auto paints have been increasing the manufacturing price of the product. This had resulted in an imbalance between the manufacturing price and the profitability, which resulted in the client incurring huge losses. In addition to this, lack of incorporation of the newest technologies had negatively impacted the auto paint supplies firm, especially in terms of producing coatings that meet stringent environmental standards. 

Market Intelligence Benefits for Automotive Paint Brands

Infiniti’s market intelligence report offers an in-depth analysis of the global auto paint supplies market and helps predict the current and future trends. These trends help depict the lucrative investment areas in the market, which, thereby, would help gain a strong foothold in the competitive auto paint supplies market. This market intelligence report on the auto pain supplies market also offers robust and actionable insights that can be leveraged to create a predictive and strategic business plan. Real-time information on the ongoing market trends also helps firms to stay abreast of the newest developments and innovations, which can be readily adopted in the manufacturing process.

Summary of Our Market Intelligence Engagement

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Client Journey

Infiniti’s market intelligence experts leveraged their industry experience to conduct a 360-degree market research. This research included an analysis of the market strategy of the competitors as well as the market estimation from the perspective of the customers. The market intelligence report on auto paint supplies generated high-quality industry data, which helped the client in identifying the key factors contributing to the brand growth and determine the future course of the market.

Solution Benefits and Business Impact

Infiniti’s exhaustive market intelligence research and analysis had opened doors for new areas of business development for the automotive paint brands. Our in-house industry experts designed analytics tools and models, which were customized to the particular industry’s requirements. These analytical tools and models helped in designing a progressive and predictive business strategy which promised the client an overview of the newest technological innovations in the industry. Consequently, this enabled the auto paint supplies firm to re-adjust their manufacturing models to accommodate consumers’ preference for environmental-friendly and durable car paint and coatings. Additionally, Get More Infothe comprehensive market outlook helped the client in identifying prospective areas of investment and newer routes to follow to stay ahead of the competition.

Outlook for Automotive Paint Brands

Cars have become a necessity for urban households today. This recent rise in the demand for cars has subsequently boosted the market growth of automotive industry segments such as auto paint supplies. Increased urbanization coupled with rising customer buying power will aid in the steady growth of the auto paint supplies firms. Moreover, enamel paint, which is one of the forms of automotive paint, is witnessing a high demand in the market owing to its lesser ecological footprint.

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