Unlocking Air Freight Market Analysis Report

May 22, 2018

Over the next couple of years, the global aircraft parts manufacturing industry is poised to witness challenges in terms of supply chain, digitalization, and cybersecurity.

Companies in this industry manufacture aircraft, aircraft components, and missiles and space vehicles. The demand for aircraft parts is primarily driven by rising military budgets and the overall economic developments, which affects airline traffic and the demand for new aircraft. The supply chain for aircraft parts often spans the entire globe, and is characterized by the need to meet tight deadlines and high level of digitalization.

Also, within any industry, cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges, especially with the continuing advances in technology. The airline industry, being strongly linked to the defense industry, has always had a focus on promoting strengthening policies. The cyber threat to the airline industry is real and it is current. The airline industry is continuously under attack by parties who use tools such as cloud computing and viruses. Therefore, the need to ramp up investments in cyber tools will always Request Proposalbe a big challenge for the stakeholders looking to establish themselves in the industry.

Business Issues

  • The client: An aircraft parts manufacturer

To carry out a comprehensive market analysis on pricing models and customer intelligence for competitors operating in the aircraft parts manufacturing space, the client – a leading aircraft parts manufacturer – approached Infiniti to engage in a market analysis engagement. The primary objective of the client was to analyze the pricing strategies of aircraft parts manufacturers across the US and European region.

How Can Infiniti’s Market Analysis Help Aircraft Parts Manufacturers?

Infiniti’s market analysis solution provides aircraft parts manufacturers with the data about the target market, competition, and environment. Market analysis solutions provide companies with a strategic advantage in terms of information and demographic analysis, which can be used to analyze the overall economy and workforce effectiveness.

Summary of our market analysis solution?

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Client Journey

Infiniti’s market analysis experts carried out a blended research approach comprising of telephonic interviews, followed by data analysis and insight development to help the client gain an in-depth understanding of the aircraft parts landscape. The market analysis experts also conducted a series of supplier interviews and customer surveys to offer the client a holistic overview of the aircraft industry across the target regions.

Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

With the help of Infiniti’s market analysis engagement, the aircraft parts manufacturing client analyzed the price trends and customer preference for the segment under focus. The engagement also brought to limelight the key influencers and purchase decision makers in the market. Furthermore, the client obtained insights into the competitors’ pricing and customer intelligence strategies.  

The Future

The use of composite materials in aircraft parts has been an ongoing trend and is stimulated by several factors, including material price, fuel price, and innovation in carbon’s properties. The advantages of composites materials have been well understood for decades. Additionally, the rise in aircraft fuel prices is pushing manufacturers to improve aircraft efficiency and increase the use of composites in new aircraft parts development. 

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