How to Tap Emerging Opportunities in Asia for Industrial and Manufacturing Companies

Jun 8, 2017

Disrupting the medical devices market takes more than just sales numbers and understanding the payer analytics. Especially in the complex markets of China and Japan, medical device manufacturers also need to comprehend the regional medical and regulatory landscape to build business strategies for commercialization of their products.

Infiniti’s webinar on turning challenges into opportunities

The medical device market in China and Japan is a multifaceted space, which is evolving from its traditional framework and moving towards a uniform regulatory system. During the 45 minutes webinar, our speakers offered insights on:

  • The complex medical insurance landscape in China and Japan
  • Importance of tracking and understanding the reimbursement scenario in the focus countries
  • Techniques which will help calculate reimbursement amounts for medical devices
  • Methods to mitigate the challenges faced by the foreign medical device manufacturers
  • The categorization and reimbursement procedure for new, advanced, and innovative medical devices

The webinar will enable stakeholders in the medical device industry to assess the competitive and regulatory landscape in China and Japan.

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Speakers’ Profile

Industry experts, Vivek Sikaria and Karan K will be hosting the webinar. Their brief introduction is as follows:

Vivek Sikaria is delivery lead and solutioning expert for Competitive and Market Intelligence services offered by Infiniti Research. He has more than 10 years of experience in setting up programs which focus on market intelligence and competitive insights for leading medical devices and pharmaceutical clients from across the globe.

His primary expertise include market entry advisory, market potential and emerging opportunities assessment, competitive and regulatory landscape. Prior to joining Infiniti, Vivek has worked with  McKinsey and Wipro.

Karan K. is an experienced analyst involved with global medical device and med-tech space. In his role, he is responsible for tracking and analyzing the reimbursement landscapes for pharmaceuticals and medical devices across the globe.

Currently, Karan is working on a variety of healthcare projects in which he works with a team of market research experts to predict how current market trends, along with changes in government regulations and policies, impact the reimbursement landscape for specific medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

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