Wearable Devices – A Revolution in the Healthcare Industry

August 29, 2017

Wearable devices have found their use mostly as a lifestyle accessory to track personal fitness goals and other data. In recent times, the use of wearable devices as health monitoring tools has been on the rise. Apart from calorie and steps counters, these devices have found a wide variety of health applications. A modern-day wearable device is capable of monitoring stress levels, quality of sleep, blood glucose level, blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, and visual performance. Constant innovation in the wearable devices market could change the healthcare industry for the better.

Medical Research

The area of medical research will hugely benefit from the use of wearables as it paves the way for superior data capturing capabilities. These devices also enable the researchers to conduct clinical research in an un-simulated environment, giving them real-life validity. As a result, it can significantly reduce the cost of medical research by allowing for data collection across a large sample group at a lower cost.

Proactive Healthcare

In the near future, wearables will revolutionize the way patients seek medical care. Instead of visiting a physician only after symptoms have appeared, wearables can continuously monitor health vitals. In addition to that, it can also send a notification to the caregiver leading to early detection and improvements in patient outcomes.

Medical Assistant

Wearable devices can be used as a tool to display information as and when needed by healthcare providers. For instance, Google Glass was used by surgeons to preload CT scans and x-ray images into their field of vision while performing the surgery. Numerous recorded instances have proved that surgeries carried out with the help of wearable devices are performing better than conventional surgeries.

Wearable devices are changing the landscape of the healthcare industry. Decreasing cost of sensors and continuous innovation in the wearables field are expected to drive the technology adoption rate in this industry.

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