Don’t Miss Out on These Trends in The US Market for Beverages

November 28, 2017

The beverage industry is no more what it used to be – not just in the US market but globally. In the US market, the sale of juices is slowly dipping and the market for sugary sodas is under fire. This compels companies in the beverages market to keep a constant track of changing consumers preferences and adapt accordingly. So, what are these evolving trends in the US beverages market that players need to watch out for? Read on:  

Growing Demand for Energy, Water-based, and Sports Drinks

Carbonated soft drinks have become a thing of the past with companies like PepsiCo and Coca-Cola investing heavily in R&D to meet the growing need for ‘healthy beverages’. The players in the US market for beverages are in constant competition to introduce innovative products for the customers such as flavored water, sparkling and energy drinks that emphasize on positive health benefits rather than just cutting calories, sugar or sodium.

Adding a Twist to Conventional Recipes

Several brands in the US market are revamping their original recipes to portray a healthier outlook to their customers. Products like Diet Coke and Mountain Dew’s Kickstart are examples of successful twists in the original flavors offered by brands. Such products in the beverage industry are attracting more attention from customers owing to their low calorie and health-centric approach.

The Size of the Bottles are Shrinking

Switching to low-calorie products is a major concern for the players in the beverage industry like PepsiCo and Coca-Cola, which are known to have high sugar content. But an action was the need of the hour in the US market considering the growing concerns of obesity among the population and rising flak from the anti-obesity advocates. Therefore, these beverage companies have arrived at a new solution to cut down on calorie-consumption by downsizing the containers, which means promoting less intake of sugar and increased profits for players in the beverage industry.

Authenticity is the Key

Tapping into a shopper’s nostalgia is one of the keys to striking the chords with a customer’s mind. Several brands in the US market are starting to use this strategy to launch a number of vintage-inspired drinks to make a place for themselves in the hearts of the customers. Also, the rise of craft beverages is another opportunity for companies to cash in on these segments and gain more popularity among customers.

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