6 Trends That Will Keep the Dairy Industry Moo-ving in 2018

6 Trends That Will Keep the Dairy Industry Moo-ving in 2018

Consumer inclination towards a healthy lifestyle has turned tables for the dairy industry. This overnight stardom has also prompted players in the dairy foods market to innovate heavily in their offerings. Moreover, understanding consumers’ attitudes and values can help companies to develop the right dairy products and then market them in ways that strike a chord with the target consumers. Although the dairy industry is likely to face flak from vegans and others who seek to cut down on dairy consumption, current market trends clearly depict that there no looking back for the dairy industry. Here are some trends in the dairy foods market that will make it big this year:Request Proposal

Environment-friendly nutrition

One of the main areas of focus today for companies in the dairy industry is to provide sustainable nutrition to people, which is healthy food produced in an environment-friendly manner. This is done as a powerful guiding principle to gain a better understanding and act on the connections between agriculture, food, nutrition, health, and environment. This practice is essential in accelerating progress towards a sustainable food system.

Clean label products

Clean labels have become the ‘new supreme’ for dairy products. Clean label products are those that do not contain any additives, artificial preservatives, or chemicals. This trend has become so popular in the dairy industry that it has now turned from a ‘fad’ to a ‘necessity’. The big fishes in the dairy foods market have already made clean labels a way of life. This year, several other players in the market are expected to follow suit. It will help companies in the dairy industry to increase consumer trust and mitigate brand risk.