Telecom Marketing Initiatives That Will Turn Tables for Your Business

October 31, 2017

Competition is the key factor that pushes companies to look for alternatives to grab more eyeballs from the customers. The telecom industry is not a newcomer in the battlefield of competition, as telecom services companies are constantly on the lookout for innovative marketing solutions to shield themselves from the rising competitive forces.

6 Testaments to Swear by for an Effective Telecom Marketing Initiative

Are you looking for effective strategies to implement in your marketing initiatives and provide an IR_Brochureenhanced telecom services experience to your customers? Then look no more, here is your complete guide:

Don’t Isolate Telecom Marketing from Sales

Usually, marketing and sales are considered as totally separate spheres in telecom services. However, ideally, marketing and sales should work together and go hand in hand to undertake a successful marketing campaign.  The providers of telecom services must formulate ways to utilize sales data in implementing marketing campaign more effectively.

Establish Key Marketing/Sales Touchpoints

Telecom services are not just limited to sales but also specialize in handling after sales queries and complaints of customers. Therefore, it is important to establish key areas for targeting customers to up-sell/cross-sell telecom services to customers.

Measure Results at Each Step

Once the key touchpoints of telecom services are identified, and the marketing and sales team are trained on their roles in these touchpoints to maximize revenue, the next step is to measure the success or failure of every aspect of the campaign. By tracking the key metrics at every stage, the team gets an idea of the areas of improvement.

Call-to-action Campaigns

Call-to-action campaigns with short-runways or quick expiration time are effective methods to boost telecom sales. It must be ensured that every sales channel has a call-to-action that is conducive to their own sales methodologies. Call-to-action campaigns set a tone of urgency with the prospects, enabling the sales team to close deals faster. Digitization in the telecom industry has helped to make call-to-action campaigns much easier to run in the industry.

Mutual Feedback Mechanism

The sales and marketing team need to give each other regular feedback about each other’s efforts, be it positive or negative, qualitative, or quantitative. These feedback help the teams to identify how they can improve their services for the betterment of one another.

Track ROI

Return on investment is one the most important factors for any business. The insights gained from calculating ROI helps the telecom providers to identify the efforts that are worth investing in and which aren’t.

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