The Quintessential Guide to Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Feb 4, 2019

Measuring customer satisfaction is all about gauging the degree to which the product or service offerings of a company meets or exceeds customer expectations. A customer satisfaction survey highlights the aspects of the products, services, or operational processes that are leaving their customers less than satisfied. Customer satisfaction survey is a great tool for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, customer satisfaction is integral to business as satisfied customers stay loyal to the brand, buy more, and promotes their experience through word-of-mouth. Several studies show that the cost of retaining an existing customer is only one-tenth of acquiring a new one. So, once you win a customer, it is vital to keep them hooked on to your brand.

How to measure customer satisfaction

One of the key objectives of business is to create happy and loyal customers. However, measuring customer satisfaction often proves to be more difficult than measuring revenue streams or website visitors. In this blog, Infiniti Research explores some excellent metrics and methods of measuring customer satisfaction.

Looking for ways to design the best customer satisfaction metrics for your business?

measuring customer satisfaction, rather than asking customers for their satisfaction or likeliness of referring the brand, they are inquired about the effort it took them to get their issues resolved. This is done on a scale usually ranging from 1 (very low effort) to 7 (very high effort). The primary aim here is to reduce the average score. Studies show that the majority of customers with high effort scores have displayed lesser loyalty to the brand in the future when compared to those customers with low effort scores.

Social media monitoring

Social media plays a crucial role in measuring the customer satisfaction of brands. The reach of both customers and the business on social media are unprecedently high. This makes customer satisfaction on social media a highly effective way to understand what the customers think about a particular brand and its products/services.

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Best practices for measuring customer satisfaction

Maintaining contact and assessing the satisfaction levels of the customers often prove to be challenging for businesses. By using best practices for measuring customer satisfaction, it becomes easier to monitor and establish better customer relationships:

Define the goals

Businesses must first establish how they plan to use the results of customer satisfaction. Setting objectives means that the company becomes clear on how to analytically extract useful information from the data. It is vital to keep the customer satisfaction survey based on these pre-defined goals.

Make surveys short and precise

Getting customers to respond to surveys is a highly challenging task for customers. So, is essential to make them as precise as possible to induce customers to participate in the surveys. The length and time-consuming surveys would make customers more reluctant to give their responses. The goal here is to extract maximum information for measuring customer satisfaction by being as precise as possible.

Be regular and consistent

In order to make measuring customer satisfaction effective, it is imperative for brands to be consistent and regular in conducting surveys. In today’s fast-paced business environment, timing and consistency of collecting customer feedback are crucial in determining corrective action to prevent losing out on customers.

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