New Food Trends That Will Change the Way the Food Industry Works

New Food Trends That Will Change the Way the Food Industry Works

Food holds a special place in our lives. It is a part of who we are and operates as a medium to express our cultural identity. 2017 was a curious year when it came to new food trends going mainstream. From huge soup dumplings and Buddha bowls to cones with chicken waffles, there were plenty of new things to give your taste buds a new experience. Every new year, we promise ourselves that we’re going to try some new food, right? And if you’re wondering what new food trends are taking restaurants by storm this year, don’t worry we got you! We’ve analyzed all the latest innovations and developments in the food industry to determine what you’re going to want this year – and the best part is, you don’t have to run all the way to exotic stores to enjoy them.

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Turmeric Milk

Popular since last year; turmeric milk, or golden milk, is one of the new food trends that will take the retail shelves by storm this year. The medicinal properties associated with curcumin will make it a trendy drink among those looking for beverages with anti-inflammatory properties. The prices of these drinks range from $5 to $8 a bottle.

‘Out of the box’ doughnuts

Chocolate-glazed doughnuts in 2018? No way! Doughnuts with customized fillings are the trend now. Unique doughnut shops that tag themselves as ‘boutique doughnut outlets have been popping up all across the globe. Such food outlets serve unique fillings and flavors such as custard, snickers bars, and banana malt. Latest studies have already named this as one of the promising new food trends for this year.