Different Types of Market Research to Guide You Through Important Business Decisions

September 3, 2018

Market research is a systematic approach that makes marketing easier and effective. It involves the use of different methodologies to analyze relevant data, which can be used to drive the marketing strategy. This can further help in accomplishing business goals and objectives. That being said, let’s explore the different types of market research and analyze the market research benefits in detail.

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Types of Market Research

There are basically two types of market research – primary and secondary research. The primary research further is divided into different types of market research like:

#1. Surveys

One of the most commonly used types of market research is a survey. Surveys can be of various forms like a feedback card at your favorite restaurant, highly frequent and never-ending surveys on the web which make you feel like punching at your computer screen, and a lot more. Surveys can be very effective for measuring attitudes, satisfaction research, gathering of facts, or pricing research.

#2. Interviews

Interviews help in digging into some specific issues too deeply. It helps in searching for customers’ problems, analyzing psychological motivations and identifying perceptions, etc.

#3. Focus groups

Focus groups include a group of people with specific interests or behavior. This method is very useful to approach the target audience of the business accurately and understand the problems in a much better way.

#4. Observations

Observations help in measuring the actual behavior which can be much reliable than the reported behavior. This will reveal the difference of behavior in the survey and observation by the audience. It can help in achieving the results with greater efficiency.

#5. Field trials or experiments

Field trials and experiments are the types of market research that help in identifying the formula that works and the formula that doesn’t work for the business. It helps in optimizing the marketing campaign efficiently and effectively.

Secondary research

Secondary research helps in seeking the existing data and research. Secondary research includes social media comments, census data, journals, and much more. It can be done in lesser time. It is based on information available from already performed studies by various government or industry-specific organizations.

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Why is Market Research Important?

Every economy is getting competitive with every passing day and having accurate knowledge about the preferences of the customer and their concerns has become integral for any all the businesses. Here is the list of market research benefits that will explain its importance in a much better way.

Helps to understand customers better

Market research helps to extract out the complete profile of the ideal customers. This further helps in determining the size of the market and the drivers behind the buying behavior. This can further be helpful in creating tailored pricing and marketing campaigns effectively.

Analyze your competitors and their approach

One of the most crucial market research benefits is that it helps in analyzing the competitors and then modifying the marketing campaigns according to the required strategies. It also helps in learning from the mistakes of the competitors and make changes in strategy to suit the business.

Test before fire

There is no certainty that your product will connect with your target customer instantly but then the market research can help in mapping the correct strategy while marketing the product to maximize the reach.

Growth of business

One of the very important market research benefits is it leads to the growth of the business. Let’s understand how. It helps to develop a new product with a better plan for pricing and marketing. It helps to identify potential market segments and their problems. All these combine to lead to the growth of the business and help to save a lot with maximum profit.

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