Top 5 Machine Learning Applications in Healthcare That You Must Appreciate

Aug 30, 2018

The ever-increasing population has put tremendous pressure on the healthcare sector to provide quality treatment and healthcare services. Now, more than ever, people are demanding smart healthcare services, applications, and wearables that’ll help them to lead better lives and prolong their lifespan. This need for a ‘better’ healthcare service is increasingly creating the scope for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications to enter the healthcare and pharma world. With no dearth of data in the healthcare sector, the time is ripe to harness the potential of this data with AI and ML applications. Today, AI, ML, and deep learning are affecting every imaginable domain, and healthcare, too, isn’t untouched.

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Machine Learning Applications in Healthcare

Discovery and development of drug

Machine learning helps in the discovery and development of drugs ranging from sequencing for the next generation to applications in precision medicine. In the early stage, the preliminary testing and the initial screening would help in forecasting the success rate of drugs by taking into account various biological factors. Machine learning is also used with precision medicines to understand the mechanisms of a disease better and, therefore, devise a better treatment plan for the diseases.

Robotic surgery – An innovative addition

One of the innovative applications in healthcare is robotic surgery. Although robotic surgery is nothing alien to healthcare today, machine learning help add more to the use of robots in surgical processes. Machine learning provides more accuracy in identifying the specific body parts or organs for surgery.

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Automation in healthcare

Automation is going to be one of the biggest trends for companies in the healthcare industry. With the aid of machine learning, robotic surgeons will become fully automated and replace humans when it comes to surgical procedures. Automation is also expected to be integrated with machine learning applications too.

Personalizing treatments

Personalized medicines and treatments will soon become a reality with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. Machine learning can be used for the interpretation of patient data collected by the internet of things and other healthcare devices. These interpretations can be further used to analyze patient conditions and suggest proper treatments.

Predicting future outcomes

Machine learning applications can help analyze the data to forecast future outcomes, which can be further used in other fields of healthcare to serve humanity in a better way. Changing climate across the globe invites a lot of threatening diseases like malaria and dengue. Machine learning can help in predicting accurately where such disease outbreaks will occur. This can help in saving a number of lives in the future.

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