Connected Cars – What’s Driving the Automotive Industry?

August 2, 2017

The global automotive industry is rapidly transforming with the growing innovations in automobile engineering and increased investment in research and development by the automobile manufacturers. Trends in automotive industry like connected cars, electric vehicles, and autonomous or self-driving automobiles are driving growth in terAsk an analystms of revenue and inventions. The automotive industry is one of the important industries in the world where  automobile manufacturers undertake a wide range of activities right from designing vehicles to selling them in the market. The connected car, one of the recent developments in the auto industry, has the potential to disrupt the automobile market with a high level of digital infiltration, which will bring a wave of change across the global market.

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Connected cars are touted as the next big thing” in the automotive industry and will soon replace the traditional mode of transportation for businesses and consumers alike. In simple words, a connected car can be explained as a motor vehicle that leverages mobile technology and the internet to operate and control key functions with the help of a smartphone, watch, tablet, or a desktop. These automatic cars work on the principle of IoT and are expected to offer new services to customers, which will help revamp the driver-car relationship in the near future.

Connected Cars and Their Drivers

The automotive manufacturers are increasingly adopting digital technologies across their automobile designs. Connected cars offer a wide array of technology and IoT-enabled features such as real-time traffic data, smartphone-vehicle synchronization, and driving assistance; thereby, changing the customer’s definition and usage of a motor vehicle. Today, technology led automobile engineering companies leverage artificial intelligence and telematics to deliver an exclusive customer driving experience. Connected cars offer safety, increased efficiency, better value proposition, and personalized customer experience, thereby changing the operations and functioning of the global automotive industry.

What’s driving the connected cars market, you ask? Here’s what.

connected cars

The market space for connected cars will be driven by these factors, across the globe. However, the automotive industry will face few roadblocks before achieving complete digital transformation. The challenges of the connected car market include data threats, platform incompatibility, and questions over its customer safety quotient. But for now, connected cars are the next big thing in the automotive industry and it is here to stay.

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