4 Secret Ways to Cut down on Packaging Costs

April 7, 2018

Packaging plays a functional as well as a promotional role for any company. In the attempt to make packaging both protective and attractive, companies shell out a bomb on packaging materials. Some of the materials chosen might not even be necessary. Furthermore, when companies plan to reduce costs, their first focus is often what product design changes can be made to reduce material costs. Many overlook entirely the option of refining the product’s packaging design instead. Enhancing and optimizing packaging design can not only save a company boatloads of money, but it can also provide better product protection and reduce carbon footprint. The packaging industry is currently bombarded with innovations that can help companies to identify more pocket-friendly options for packaging, consequently reducing the packaging cost. Here are four surefire ways to reduce packaging cost:

packaging cost

Prioritize R&D

All kinds of packaging are not created equal. It is essential to dedicate time to undertake thorough research into the latest innovations and alternatives that the packaging industry has to offer. Identify and test multiple design and material options. A bit of extra time on R&D can save years and years of wasted dollars in the long run. Furthermore, this also curbs the risk of over-packaging or using processes that require too much labor or materials.

Redesign packaging

Upgrading the packaging for older products is as important in reducing costs as providing time to optimize packaging for a new product. As new technologies and products become available in the packaging industry, previously designed products can be upgraded to reduce the packaging cost. Several prominent companies have reduced their packaging cost by merely adjusting the design in a way that would reduce the amount of materials used. Companies can use techniques that would eliminate labels and print directly onto the package to minimize materials, also change the shape of the container to improve packing density.

Digital printing

Switching from conventional printing to digital printing will reduce the overall packaging cost to a large extent. Using traditional printing methods will require companies to order large amounts of packaging material. On the other hand, digital printing makes short to medium-runs a more cost-effective option for specific product lines. Hence, with the help of digital printing techniques, companies can cut short their packaging cost by an enormous amount.

Automated packaging

There are a number of automated packaging solutions available in the packaging industry, designed to speed up the packaging process, freeing up workers to perform other tasks, and, in turn, reducing costs. For instance, ideally, a where a hand stretch wrapping a pallet might require two people, after introducing an automated stretch wrapper, the process will only require one. In this manner, companies can cut down on their packaging cost to a large extent. By automating the packaging process, companies can also employ the excess labor force in other vital operations. This would help the company to improve their overall efficiency.

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