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Market Landscape Assessment – Technological Advancement in the European Agricultural Machinery Market

Infiniti Research’s recent project on market landscape assessment for the agricultural machinery industry in Europe identifies the key product segment and growth opportunities for tractors and attachments.

Market landscape analysis of the European agriculture market

Upgrading the quality and quantity of production by using advanced machinery and tools is resulting in the technological revolution in the European agricultural market. The most commonly used machines are tractors, cultivators, tillers, de-stoners, and sorter. Urbanization, increase in population, high commodity prices, and sustainable development is propelling the demand for developing innovative tools and machinery in the European market. The implementation of innovation and technology will improve the demand-supply market landscape by defining and understanding the consumers’ needs. The market assessment by Infiniti examines the growth trends, market landscape, and competitors’ market shares for the agricultural machinery industry in Europe. The study also provides a detailed analysis of maintenance and repair services, competitors’ product offerings, and their regional presence.

The rising demand for soil analysis is fueling the need for machinery that provides on-the-go soil assessment. The launch of automated soil scanners and samplers analyzes the soil texture and report the findings. The technology will help farmers to plant seedlings and add nutrients to the soil accordingly. These machines have sensors that read soil properties such as organic matter, pH balance, moisture content, and texture. The on-the-go soil analysis will also result in better crop production and yield higher revenues for the farmers.

Adoption of integrated solutions

IoT, smartphones, and connected devices are just a few of the smart agricultural solutions that are available in the market. Many vendors are offering integrated products and services to enhance agronomic practices and improve the customer’s business. Some of the solutions offered include displays and receivers, precision farming solutions, guidance and machine control products, and a suite of solutions to connect machines and operators in real-time. The suppliers also offer customized machinery that allows farmers to modify the functionality of fertilizers and seed machines and helps reduce the overall cost of operation.


Sustainable agriculture

Adverse effects of different farming techniques and the protection of the environment have led to stricter rules and regulations. The farmers are taking steps towards sustainable farming by using eco-friendly and efficient agricultural equipment. These next-generation machineries reduce the impact of pollution by lessening the use of fuel and the emission of greenhouse gases. The development of alternative fuels or biofuels will help control agricultural waste and improve the carbon footprint.

Solutions and recommendations

Infiniti Research’s recent market assessment study for a leading diesel engine manufacturer in Europe assesses the market dynamics for the agricultural sector and identifies the major product customer segment combinations (PMCs). Some of the solutions offered include:

  • Identify the potential markets and provide insights on the attachments and tractors that are needed to enter these markets
  • Analyze the market trends, overview, and growth drivers for the agricultural sector in Europe
  • Estimate the farmers’ needs and expectations within each market to classify the major product customer segment combinations
  • Offer breakdown of the market dynamics for the agricultural sector in Europe with specific focus on the tractors and attachment segment
  • Provide a holistic overview of the recent developments that led to changes of the existing tractor models

Read our comprehensive case study on market landscape assessment for the agricultural machinery industry in Europe

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