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Market Intelligence Study – Assessing the Replacement Battery Market for Telecom Industry

Infiniti’s latest market intelligence study on replacement batteries in the telecom industry analyzes the cost amalgamated with tower outages, including the cost associated when the voice service or data is sold by the minute.

Replacement battery market in the telecom industry

The growing usage of different kinds of consumer electronic goods is driving the market for replacement batteries. These batteries also have massive applications in the telecom sector for efficient energy storage. The rise in the number of telecom tower installations due to a significant increase in the number of subscriptions and use of mobile devices is encouraging service providers to look for superior power sources. The adoption of lithium-ion batteries to supply uninterrupted power sources to the towers and effective utilization of energy is gaining predominance in the telecom industry. Lithium-ion batteries offer higher durability and energy productivity compared to other variants of batteries available in the market. Replacement batteries are a more sustainable source of energy, and it provides uninterrupted energy during brownouts, power surges, blackouts, and power spikes. The introduction of low emission, high cycle and operational life, and remote monitoring capabilities of advanced batteries will revolutionize the telecom industry.

The recent market intelligence study by Infiniti offer strategic insights into the market in terms of growth drivers, segmentation, and challenges. The study also offers an all-inclusive view of the market landscape and help companies ascertain the reliability of the customers willing to purchase these new-age batteries. The replacement batteries are designed to efficiently store and supply electricity to telecom towers, thereby curbing the reliance on diesel-fueled generators.


Focus on efficient energy storage devices

The growing concern about the environmental sustainability and the requirement for long-duration power back-up is encouraging the vendors to invest in the research and development of advanced battery technologies. The installation of these batteries will help telecom companies to reduce operational costs during breakouts such as fires and leakages and ensure the safety of equipment and data centers. The new batteries that are available in the market are compact and help reduce the power consumption of equipment, resulting in energy conservation. Development of energy efficient devices and reducing operational powers costs is attributing to the adoption of replacement batteries in the telecom industry.

Solutions and recommendations

Infiniti’s market intelligence study on replacement batteries help companies in the telecom industry to identify potential market opportunities and design effective marketing strategies to promote sales of these products. Some of the solutions offered are listed below:

  • Offer a better understanding of pricing themes in the replacement battery market
  • Assess the battery market in terms of a cost to an outage condition and provide insights on the battery replacement paradigms
  • Provide a thorough characterization of the market landscape in terms of the percentage
  • Help the client determine the cost per hour of outage among the target regions
  • Estimate the average cost data used per each tower

Read our comprehensive case study on how we helped a leading company assess the market intelligence landscape of the replacement battery market

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Evaluating the Competitive Landscape of Anti-counterfeiting Packaging Across Industries

Infiniti’s market intelligence study on anti-counterfeiting packaging across industries analyzes the market share, product offerings, key competitors, and pricing intelligence of products that are available in the marketplace.

Anti-counterfeiting packaging – market at a glance

Counterfeiting is a problem that affects the brand value and profitability of companies across industries. Anti-counterfeiting packaging ensures the authenticity of products, maintains the original composition of the materials, prevents imitation, ensures the safety of goods, and helps to reduce the economic damage and risks to the consumers’ health associated with counterfeit products. The packaging manufacturers are adopting anti-counterfeiting technologies that offer covert, overt, forensic, and sterilization of the products and reduces the risk of losses. Some of the technologies adopted for innovating packaging that is available in the market include an optically variable device, holograms, security, graphics, RFID tags, color-shifting security inks and films, and sequential product numbering. The growth in demand for traceability systems, omnichannel retailing, and stringent government regulations across industries and especially in the pharma and food industry is fueling the demand for these packaging solutions in the market. The latest market intelligence study by Infiniti offers a comprehensive assessment of the market and competitive landscape of anti-counterfeiting packaging. The study also provides detailed information on the opportunities, trends, competition, and technologies in the market.

The manufacturers of anti-counterfeiting packaging products are adopting technological innovations to improve the packaging features, enhance the visual appeal, and reduce the risk of forging. By implementing advanced tracking and tracing technology, suppliers are aiming to improve the supply chain visibility and increase the safety of products. Moreover, these packaging solutions will also help reduce the economic losses by the end-users and help them maintain accurate information on their inventory.

Introduction of chip-less printable RFID technology

The emergence of chip-less and nanotechnologies in RFID products reduces the chances of duplicating these tags. The tags provide a combination of protective functions that include traceability, authentication, and tamper evidence. RFID tags are attached to the reflective surface using an inkjet printer and are cost-effective compared to other counterfeit measures. Some of the RFID circuits that are available in the market consists of an antenna that is attached to the paper label, eliminating the need to use a separate plastic inlay to mount antenna behind it.


Emergence of 3D barcodes

Technologies innovations are enabling vendors to launch new and technologically advanced anti-counterfeiting packaging products. 3D barcodes are one such innovation, and it is inserted into products at the manufacturing stage. These barcodes are not easily visible and make it extremely difficult to counterfeit these products. 3D barcodes find applications in electronics, food, healthcare, and automotive industries.

Solutions and recommendations

Infiniti’s market intelligence study on anti-counterfeiting packaging, analyzes data collected from leading experts, distributors, key consultants, leading stakeholders, analysts, and researchers to identify potential growth opportunities. Some of the solutions offered are listed below:

  • Identify the areas where counterfeit prevention needs to be assessed such as pharma, food cosmetics, supplements, and electronics
  • Recognize the dominant decision makers or influencers among players in the value chain and help make informed business decisions
  • Classify the pain points in the anti-counterfeiting packaging market and formulate effective marketing strategies
  • Offer a comprehensive breakdown on the new technologies and patent analysis currently available in the market
  • Categorize the leading competitors and the popular end-user sectors

Read our comprehensive case study on market intelligence on the anti-counterfeiting packaging market

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