Virtual Gaming Goods to Enrich Gamers’ Experience and Create Avenues for Innovation

Jun 13, 2017

The recent competitive intelligence study by Infiniti Research on virtual gaming goods provides a comprehensive breakdown of the players who sell and buy their game accounts and a complete overview of the global gaming virtual goods market for the Americas, APAC, and the European regions.

Transforming the gaming market with virtual gaming

The advent of mobile gaming and emerging VR technologies are revolutionizing the gaming market. The availability of various gaming platforms and the influx of gaming app developers are fueling the adoption of new devices in the market. Leading companies are selling virtual goods for services in social networking, online games, and other websites to trap the growth opportunities of these rapidly growing markets. Virtual goods are non-physical objects that are exchanged on the Internet represented by animations or three-dimensional objects, pictures, social networking sites, and games. Large corporations are designing business models for online engagement to reach a larger group of end-users and remain competitive in the market. It is becoming imperative to adopt the latest trends and analyze the market landscape to generate higher revenues. The competitive intelligence study by Infiniti on virtual gaming goods examines the market chain analysis for participants who buy and sell their game accounts and players who trade in gold, which is virtual money in the game.

Social media networking and gaming are integrating at a fast pace and creating a phenomenon in the global market. Companies like Facebook, Apple, and Google are investing in the development of these games to redesign the mobile gaming landscape. Facebook’s introduction of the universal virtual currency changed the online and VR gaming market overnight. Games such as Minecraft and Candy Crush are fueling the growth and development of social gaming platforms and demand for virtual gaming tools.

Providing a 360° video experience

360° video and play platforms are the newest trends emerging in the virtual games market. The advancement of technology and the rising requirement for a lifelike gaming experience is paving the 360° videos in the market. The introduction of innovative platforms like Oculus Rift, Morpheus, and Vive is boosting the popularity of these videos among gamers. Consumers can pan and rotate the scene to get a 360° view of the video, which enhances the gaming experience and creates an uncanny illusion of the real world.

Depth-sensing camera for VR headsets

Depth-sensing is a special camera that contains sensors, which scan objects in 3D and creates a new dimension for photography, gaming, buying and selling, and several other applications. These new innovative devices provide a better facial, object, and gesture recognition and help determine the distance of the object. Several mobile companies are installing these cameras in their smartphones to increase the adoption of virtual games and offer maximum satisfaction to the consumers.

Solutions and recommendations

The competitive intelligence team at Infiniti Research offers a detailed understanding of the competitive landscape of the gaming virtual goods market for a leading online game developer and operator.  Some of the solutions offered are listed below:

  • Analyze the present scenario of the global gaming virtual goods market
  • Offer a detailed assessment covering various influential factors for latest market trends, market growth, and payment channel analysis
  • Provide insights and a complete overview of the current and future market scenario in the target countries
  • Assess the competitors’ business overview, market share and size, their business model, and goods trading volume (per day/week)
  • Provide a complete classification of the segmentation in the gaming virtual goods market, along with forecast, market size, and industry chain analysis

Read our detailed case study on how we helped a leading client to assess the competitiveness of the global gaming virtual goods market

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