Market Trends and Growth Prospects for Specialty Printing Consumables

Jul 7, 2017

Infiniti’s recent market intelligence study on specialty printing consumables helps companies in the IT and industrial sectors identify the target regions and quantify the served available market (SAM) for each product category.

An overview of the specialty printing consumables market

The demand for specialty printing consumables is primarily driven by the IT and industrial sectors. The increasing application of these products for large-scale printing requirements across offices, institutions, and professional service firm will fuel the growth of the market. The developments in the advertising and media sectors are boosting the application of new printing technologies such as 3D printers, specialty printer ink, and eco-friendly products in the market. However, the introduction of cost-effective and less time-consuming products, such as digital printing, acts as a threat to the specialty printing market. As a result, specialty printing manufacturers are coming up with advanced products, such as advanced printer inks for lithography, flexography, and rotogravure to sustain the market’s growth.The recent market intelligence study by Infiniti on specialty printing consumables offer insights into the market landscape in terms of market trends, challenges, competitors, and key players in the target regions. The study also analyzes the market landscape and data collected from various databases to identify potential growth opportunities.

The rising focus on product and technological innovations will help suppliers to remain competitive in the market. The manufacturers are engineering products that help reduce carbon footprint, offer higher energy efficiency, and better endurance to chemicals such as solvents and cleaners. The development of new printing consumables will reduce the cost of production and help companies expand in price sensitive markets. The new product enhancements improve opacity, better print quality, environmental compliance, and offer compatibility with high-speed printing.

The emergence of 3D printing

Industries are focusing on reducing production wastes and increase the productivity of the operational process. The technological innovations and strategic partnerships with different suppliers to introduce faster and superior 3D printers will help them attract a larger consumer base. This technology aims to renovate many productions, design, and logistics processes across different industries. These printers find applications in the IT, healthcare, automotive, industrial, and food and beverage industries.

Demand for eco-friendly ink

Sustainable development is the primary goal of companies across industries. The regulatory policies and environmental concerns are fueling the demand for vegetable oil-based and biodegradable inks. These ink products minimize the emission of VOC, eliminate the use of mineral oils, and improves the recyclability of paper. These products are odorless and free of hazardous chemical compounds that can seep into the end-products. The demand for these products is highest in the food and beverage industry, and various other sectors are slowly adopting these advanced consumables.

Solutions and recommendations

The market intelligence study by Infiniti Research provides comprehensive information on market dynamics, leading vendors, and market trends for specialty printing consumables for a leading manufacturer and seller of computer printing technologies. Some of the solutions offered include:

  • Provide a thorough understanding on the market overview with special emphasis on the supply outlook
  • Categorize SAM into regions, products, business verticals, price brands, and sales channel under focus
  • Perform a SWOT analysis on the specialty printing group market to assess the dynamic shifts in the market
  • Develop specific business strategies in the target regions to support specialty printing group (SPG)
  • Offer detailed insights on domestic competition and their policies for competing with foreign brands

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