Market Intelligence Study on the Automotive Industry – Seamless Supply Chain Systems to Double Business Growth

May 18, 2017

The recent market intelligence study by Infiniti Research on supply chain and competitor landscape for the automotive industry helps manufacturers of electric wire and optical fiber cables gain a better understanding of the supply chain through which wires and cables are supplied to the automotive manufacturing companies. The study also identifies the key market players involved in the supply chain of the automotive industry.

Understanding the supply chain in the automotive sector

The leading OEMs in the auto sector are offering a wide range of vehicle choices that cater to end-users’ demands. Manufacturers are shipping vehicle components instead of an entire vehicle to save costs. Since supply chain landscape of the automotive industry is mostly affected by rapid globalization, the vendors are investing in reliable logistic chains to sustain the competition in the market. Keeping inventories well-stocked but not overstocked and adapting to changes will help manufacturers to maintain an equilibrium in their supply chain facilities. Moreover, better planning, increased visibility, and a focus on continuous improvement in the supply chain will be a key to business success for OEMs.

The market intelligence assessment led to the understanding that with accurate supply chain systems, vendors can meet the innumerable demands of the consumers and launch various brands based on their requirements. The vendors are using innovative technologies like IoT and cloud computing for efficient operations planning and inventory optimizations. These new technologies will help the OEMs to establish robust supply chain systems.

Vendors to offer assorted components

The intensity of the competition in the automotive market is encouraging suppliers to offer a different variety of wires and cables through various supply chains. Identifying key players involved in the supply chain and offering new products will help the manufacturers gain consumers and increase their market share. Furthermore, developing and investing in new technologies will boost the demand and sale of these components in the global market.

Is online retailing and e-commerce the new wave

The emergence of online retailing and e-commerce is slowly gaining a foothold in the automotive industry. This channel of supply helps vendors to communicate with the target audience directly and analyze the consumer behavior pattern. Additionally, manufacturers are offering value-added services such as same-day delivery to attract more consumers and sustain the competition in the market.

Solutions and recommendations

The market intelligence team at Infiniti Research offers various solutions that identify the key market players involved in the supply chain and provides strategies that foster market growth. Some of the solutions offered include:

  • Conduct secondary and primary checks to identify suppliers that provide high-temperature cables
  • Gather data by calculating total wire requirement and supplier shares for each segment
  • Assess the current and emerging market trends and study the supply chain landscape for the target region
  • To provide a better understanding of supply chain through which wires and cables are supplied to various multinational automotive manufacturing companies
  • Offer an overview of the various delivery channels, current market trends, the supply chain map, market size, details of additional suppliers, and the key player’s operators in different levels of the supply chain
  • Identify the applications other than the main harness for which target cables are required

Read our comprehensive case study on how we helped a leading client to assess the supply chain and competitor landscape for the automotive industry.

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