Market Assessment Study Enlists the Trends in the Rig Mats Segment

Jun 7, 2017

The recent market assessment study by Infiniti Research on rig mats for the global oil and gas industry assesses the market size across the sector in terms of value and volume and analyses the customer buying behavior patterns.

Rig mats – market at a glance

Rig mats are reliable and durable products that ensure a safer work surface in various industries that include oil and gas, disaster recovery applications, and construction. These products are vital assets that help oil and gas companies overcome challenges during drilling fluids in difficult terrains. The highest application for these mats is for oil and gas operations in remote areas with limited access to proper infrastructure. The suppliers in the market are focusing on technological advancement and analyzing industry trends to stay competitive in the market. The leading companies in the market are using data analytics engine and software that uses various metrics to produce an effective fleet management system. The market assessment team at Infiniti analyses the market and offers information on numerous challenges and trends in the present rig mats industry for oil and gas segment. The market intelligence solutions delivered by experts help fleet managers control costs to remain competitive in the market and design surveys for them to make better strategic decisions.

Technological innovations have a positive impact on the growth and demand for rig mats in the global market. Suppliers are using technology to increase the durability and readability of these products. With the installation of ultra-high-frequency tags, RF microprocessors, and unique ID number tags, vendors are increasing the life span and trackability of rig mats. Implementing new technologies such as cloud-based infrastructure will also help the companies to monitor and manage their fleet effectiveness. Moreover, the data tracked through the cloud will also provide an analysis of the health and safety environment in the operational site.

GPS-enabled rig mats 

The most recent development in the rig mats industry is GPS-enabled chips. Leading vendors and oil and gas companies are requesting for GPS-enabled mats for tracking purposes. These highly advanced mats provide the exact location and notify the company every time equipment moves on the surface of these products. These mats are integrated with web-based applications, which offer dashboard updates of the productivity and functionality of the equipment. Furthermore, companies can use the data collected to formulate strategic decisions for future growth.

Increase in offshore activities

Depleting natural resources and growing demand for fossil fuel is augmenting the rise in offshore drilling activities. The new drilling projects are mostly in the Nordic regions and have limited access to proper infrastructure. The rigs used in these projects are specially designed to handle the complexities of operations and area limitations of these places. The rigs offer operational productivity and improve the safety of the employees working on the offshore site.

Solutions and recommendations

The market assessment team at Infiniti Research evaluates the market shares of top players in the rig mats industry and creates a technology roadmap to improve the growth opportunities of the companies. Some of the solutions offered include:

  • Help assess the current and expected market size across the volume and value sectors for the rig mats industry
  • Provide solutions that help understand the key products and solutions available in the rig mats market across the oil and gas segment
  • Leverage the information gathered from the market assessment study to understand the rig mats industry in the oil and gas segment
  • Offer clear understanding of the customers’ buying behavior and purchase criteria
  • Develop an extensive proprietary database consisting of information on more than two million industry manufacturers, experts, key opinion leaders, suppliers, and technicians

Read our comprehensive case study on market assessment on rig mats for the global oil and gas industry

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