Increasing Number of Smartphone Users and Data Transmissions to Boost the Optical Components Market

Jul 3, 2017

Infiniti’s latest market assessment study on optical components provided a thorough understanding of the market landscape for these products with special emphasis on mobile and smartphone segments.

Demand trends in the optical components market

The demand for high-quality optical components is primarily driven by the rise in automation across various industries. The increasing use of smartphones and transmission of data will boost the application of these components in the mobile devices market. These products enable seamless transmission of data throughout the network and are used for high-speed network infrastructure build-outs. Optical components have extensive applications in long-distance communications, due to its benefits such as safety, reliability, and simplified network operations. Fiber optical cables have the capability of achieving extremely high bandwidth and are used in various optical systems. The market assessment by Infiniti provides actionable insights into the market in terms of the potential growth drivers, segmentation, and challenges. The study also helps companies in the market to identify technology trends, growth opportunities, and the target regions under focus.

The growing need for advanced connectivity solutions such as cloud-based and machine-to-machine (M2M) services has a positive impact on the market for optical components. The suppliers are focusing on reducing the high installation costs and risk of cyber threats to increase their profitability and sales revenues.  The introduction of new control plane capabilities, flexible-grid ROADM technology, and management features are revolutionizing the software market and enabling transformations in SDN/NFV technologies.

Need for network bandwidth

The growing usage of network and mobile computing devices such as wearable devices, tablets, and smartphones with enhanced product features is boosting the market for optical components. The deployment of wireless networks like 3G, 4G, and 5G and wireless home broadband connections is increasing the network traffic and surging the demand for optical fibers for managing network traffic. The use of fiber optics will result in high-speed internet connectivity, quick web browsing, faster social networking, streaming of videos, and better performance of GPS.

Emergence of cloud computing

The implementation of cloud infrastructure helps virtual and remote data center to store, manage, and retrieve data or resources at minimum operational costs.  Cloud computing offers scalability, faster time-to-market, reliability, viability, and swift data center applications. The use of advanced optical components helps service providers offer higher bandwidth and robust and medium-distance connectivity. These systems are also designed to offer speed range around 10-40 G and ensure transfer and storage of data.

Solutions and recommendations

Infiniti’s recent market assessment for optical components provides a detailed overview of the market and analyze current vs. future market development prospects, market size, market dynamics, and growth rate. Some of the solutions offered are listed below:

  • Help adopt effective marketing strategies for the growth of optical component market in specific regions
  • Offer an in-depth understanding of the camera module market
  • Provide comprehensive information on product strategy, technical advantages, benchmarking sales strategy, and customer resources
  • Develop a robust and defendable prototype market sizing model
  • Build a logical metric, which correlates with demands for target products

Read our comprehensive case study on assessing the market landscape for optical components.

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