Adoption of Wireless and Hybrid Technology are the New Connectivity Solutions in the Global Healthcare Market

Jun 5, 2017

The recent competitive intelligence study by Infiniti Research on connectivity solutions provides insights on the structure and various solutions that are emerging in the healthcare market, especially in the medical devices segment.

Digitalization of the healthcare market

The advent of Internet and the popularity of mobile devices is gaining importance in the healthcare industry. The frequently changing regulations and government policies are impacting healthcare companies and is propelling the growth of medical devices connectivity in the global market. The rising requirement for high-quality home healthcare and better patient information monitoring systems will increase the adoption of modern medical devices. The emergence of chronic diseases such as heart disease, asthma, or diabetes require prolonged treatment, and it is fueling the growth of home healthcare services. The vendors are focusing on launching innovative devices to meet the growing demand in the market. The competitive intelligence study by Infiniti offers insights into privacy laws and regulations surrounding patient’s medical data and analyzes the budget cycle of leading healthcare organizations by understanding the structure of the healthcare industry in specified regions.

Digital health is the new trend in the healthcare market, and it covers a broad range of technology and services that include mhealth, wearable devices, healthcare information technology, and personalized medicines. Using digital healthcare services helps patients and vendors improve healthcare services, reduce costs and inefficiencies, offer new drugs and therapeutics, and improve market access. By leveraging internet applications, smartphones, and social network systems, healthcare information becomes easily accessible to everyone thereby improving health monitoring techniques.

Wireless and hybrid medical technology

The advent of wireless and hybrid medical devices has led to the emergence of alternative drug delivery methods and non-invasive treatment procedures. These are cost-effective procedures that are used in the home healthcare system. These innovative devices such as biosensing microchips, stents, and medication pumps are easy to use and help effective monitoring of patient’s health. The introduction of wireless medical devices increases mobility and enables remote monitoring of patient’s progress. These devices also easily connect to multiple systems and enable faster transfer of patient data to other sources.

Data analytics and personized healthcare

The latest trend that is taking the healthcare industry by a storm is the use of data analytics tools such as predictive analytics and big data for creating personalized medicines. By analyzing genetic test results, diagnostic images, and biometric information, hospitals can prevent and offer personalized treatments to each patient. Furthermore, the data from this analysis is utilized for clinical trials and drug discovery.

Solutions and recommendations

The competitive intelligence team at Infiniti Research offers ground-level insights for key stakeholders and business executives about the current landscape of the healthcare industry and its future growth opportunities. Some of the solutions offered are as follows:

  • Provide a complete breakdown of the different types of mobile communication devices used in the healthcare organizations
  • Conduct a minimum of 50-60 interviews spread across all the geographies with important decision makers through the value-chain of the connectivity solutions market for the healthcare sector
  • Offer actionable insights about the market and its competitive landscape
  • Assess the connectivity solutions market for the global healthcare industry
  • Provide information on the structure of the healthcare industry and the budget cycle of leading healthcare organizations for the target regions

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