Interactive Advertising and Social Media Promotions – Fastest Ways to Reach the Energy Drinks Target Audience

June 1, 2017

The recent customer intelligence study by Infiniti Research helps a leading player in the energy drinks sector assess the pick-me-up products segment at a global level. The study offers insights into consumer purchase behavior and brand preference patterns while buying pick-me-up products.

Customer intelligence study on the energy drinks market

Energy drinks are considered the best alternatives to carbonated drinks with the millennials being the largest consumer of these drinks. Energy drinks available in the market constitute caffeine, sugar, and other energy enhancing products that athletes and millennials use to prevent fatigue and dehydration. Leading food and beverage companies are innovating and reinventing energy drinks to expand their business to the new group of the target audience. Vendors are investing in new marketing strategies to boost the sales of these products. The customer intelligence team at Infiniti helps clients formulate effective growth strategies by analyzing consumer purchase behavior and brand preferences. The study also analyzes existing trends, challenges, and drivers across the target region in the energy drinks sector and help the client understand the marketability of their products.

The introduction of a variety of flavors and drinks with additional ingredients is revolutionizing the energy drinks market. The vendors are producing drinks with no sugar, no carbs, no calories, and no caffeine to meet the changing requirements of the consumers and to stay competitive in the market. The additional ingredients added in these drinks include branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), protein, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, beetroot extract, and creatin that increases the nutritional value of these products. Introducing new flavors will create more variety and increase the consumer appeal of the energy drinks.

Adoption of strategic marketing

Since the largest consumer segment for energy drinks are the millennials, it is pertinent for vendors to adopt innovative marketing strategies to reach the targeted end-user. Endorsements, ownerships, and promotions associated with athletes and sports clubs are gaining popularity in the global market. Interactive advertising and social media promotions are the quickest way to reach the targeted audience. Leading brands are also adopting buzz marketing and creative television ad campaigns as tools to create awareness and brand loyalty among consumers.

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IoT and analytics

The best way to understand consumer buying pattern is by accumulating data through IoT. Smartphones and mobiles devices are data sources vendors use to analyze data that helps them understand brand preferences of consumers while buying pick-me-up products. These customer intelligence tools offer valuable information on product shoppers’ preference, buying patterns, and trends for pick-me-up products in the target regions. By using descriptive and predictive analytics, suppliers are developing effective future strategies and programs to boost productivity.

Solutions and recommendations

The customer intelligence team at Infiniti Research helps analyze the end customer value and develop an inclusive strategy for reaching out to a larger customer base. Some of the solutions offered are listed below:

  • Generate actionable insights on purchase decision-making process and criteria for buying pick-me-up products
  • Provide a holistic overview of buying behavior, trends, and patterns of consumers for pick-me-up products
  • Help analyze consumer expectations and likeliness for the products
  • Develop a strategy for reaching out to a larger customer base

Read our comprehensive case study on how we helped a leading player in the energy drinks sector assess the pick-me-up products segment at a global level.

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