Analyzing the Market Dynamics of the Surgical Staples Industry Through a Competitive Landscape Study

Jun 20, 2017

Infiniti Research’s latest study on the market and competitive analysis on surgical staples for a leading healthcare company in Germany offer a comprehensive understanding of the current sales trends, market dynamics, growth drivers, challenges, and competition in the healthcare sector.

Growth trends in the healthcare sector

The growing importance of affordable healthcare and the implementation of stringent regulations is encouraging medical professionals to adopt innovative surgical techniques to improve patient care. The shift from open surgery to endoscopic surgery will increase the application of stapling in medicine. The increasing inclination for surgical staples over conventional sutures will improve patient outcomes and reduce risks related to post-surgery infections. The use of surgical staples offers higher accuracy, faster recovery, efficient wound closure, and reduced hospital stay. The commercialization of endoscopic surgeries will increase its application in gynecology, tissue and wound management procedures, thoracic, and gastrointestinal related surgeries. Infiniti’s latest competitive analysis offers strategic insights for many companies in the medical devices sector in terms of the competitive landscape, market assessment, and market entry strategies.

The vendors in the market are focusing on expanding their business to emerging nations like India and China to tap potential opportunities in these regions. Technological advancement is improving the patient care systems in these developing regions. Surgical staples find extensive application in bariatric, endoscopic surgeries, and cosmetic or skin grafting procedures in India and China. By accessing the potential challenges, market opportunities, and market size estimation for internal staplers across these target regions will help companies increase their revenues.

The emergence of disposal surgical staples    

The risk of contamination and cross-infection transferred by surgical staplers has led to the emergence of disposable surgical staples. These devices are preferred by surgeons and patients who are allergic to metal or nickel and opt for disposable surgical staplers which are made of plastic. Regulatory bodies are promoting the use of disposable devices to prevent complications and infections associated with surgical procedures. The different types of staples available in the market are disposable curved cutter stapler, disposable linear, and disposable endo cutter stapler.

The rise in medical tourism

The superior quality of surgical stapling devices and infrastructure improvements in emerging nations in APAC and South America is boosting the growth of medical tourism. Countries like Thailand, Singapore, Mexico, India, Cuba, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, and Costa Rica are amongst the most popular designations for medical tourism. These places offer skillful surgeons, modern medical equipment, and advanced hospitals at significantly lower costs.

Solutions and recommendations

The competitive analysis study offered by Infiniti provides clear visibility of the market size and growth opportunities and develops an effective marketing strategy for companies in the healthcare sector. Some of the solutions offered are listed below:

  • Provide strategies on how to enter new markets and analyze customer needs and satisfaction levels
  • Identify the regulatory timelines, key competitors, their products, and technologies employed
  • Analyze the total sales, average growth rate, and average selling price of surgical staples
  • Examine the market size for the product lines and different end-user segmentations
  • Develop strategies to expand the product portfolio across low-penetrated target regions

Read our comprehensive case study that analyzes the market and competitive landscape for surgical staples

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