Enhancing Sales Rate by 13% for a Transportation and Logistics Company – Competitive Intelligence Engagement

September 3, 2019

Competitive Intelligence Solution for the Transportation and Logistics Industry

As digitalization takes hold and customer expectations evolve, companies in the transportation and logistics industry are under pressure to remain competitive, deliver higher quality of services to customers, and adapt innovative ways to optimize their logistics processes. Therefore, for transportation and logistics companies, identifying new market trends before the competitors and having accurate market knowledge have become important. Also, keeping a constant watch on the key competitors’ business plans and actions have become vital to gain a leading edge in today’s competitive marketplace.

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Business Challenge

 The client is a transportation and logistics company based out of Europe.

The client’s unstructured approach to supply chain management resulted in huge losses for the company. Also, the client witnessed a huge dip in their overall profit margins. Furthermore, the company’s inability to conduct periodic assessments and redesign their business operations with evolving market demands affected their overall business growth.

The company even started losing their customers to their competitors. As such, they realized the need to conduct a competitive intelligence study to understand the competitive landscape and analyze their competitors’ plans and actions.

Furthermore, the client wanted to:

  • Better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors, emerging transportation and logistics industry trends, demand fluctuations, and assess the potential bottlenecks in the market to make well-informed business decisions
  • Drive business efficiency and react quickly to market movements
  • Stay informed about the company’s operating environment and make better decisions on inventory.

Our Approach

With Infiniti’s expertise in offering logistics market analysis solution, the experts conducted a detailed study of the European transportation and logistics industry. Also, the experts analyzed the latest trends in the transportation and logistics industry, identified logistics market size, and evaluated the European logistics industry growth rate.

By conducting a competitor analysis, our experts analyzed the client’s key competitors. In this phase, the experts analyzed the client’s performance compared to the leading transportation and logistics industry companies in Europe. This phase of the engagement helped the company in the transportation and logistics industry to understand their strengths and recognize areas where they lacked compared to their competitors.

Also, our experts helped the company in the transportation and logistics industry to identify profitable technologies and processes adopted by their competitors to enhance supply chain operations.

Results Obtained

With the help of Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solutions, the transportation and logistics industry client was able to respond quickly to market changes, which subsequently gain a competitive edge over their competitors. Additionally, the company in the transportation and logistics industry was able to adopt a customer-centric approach, work closely with their target customers, and drive customer loyalty with enhanced logistics management processes. As a result, the company was able to enhance their sales rate by 13% in a year.

 Transportation and Logistics Industry

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