Accelerated Patient Recruitment and Increased Enrollment for a Clinical Research Company with Market Monitoring and Reporting Solution

February 4, 2020

Clinical trials represent an arduous step in the process of bringing new drugs to the market. However, the complexity and cost of conducting clinical trials, failure of trials, increasing regulatory requirements for future targeted therapeutics, and the growing number of multi-regional and international trials are increasing challenges for clinical research organizations. Besides these challenges, patient recruitment and retention is considered to be one of the major challenges when it comes to bringing new drugs to the market. The market research experts at Infiniti Research predict that around 80% of clinical trials do not meet their patient enrolment deadlines. As such, patient recruitment and retention is a matter of concern for clinical research organizations to avoid delays in product launches.

Recent studies show that around 80% of clinical research organizations fail to retain enough patients for clinical trials. Our pharma market research experts can help you to tackle patient recruitment and retention challenges. Request a FREE proposal below!

Business Challenge

The client, a clinical research organization, based out of the United States, faced difficulties in recruiting healthy volunteers for the first stage of human testing. Moreover, a large number of patients dropped out of clinical trials during the final phase largely from the fear of receiving a lower standard of care. As a result, the company faced challenges in meeting enrollment deadlines. This subsequently resulted in a $1.1 million loss for the client. The client, therefore, sought to partner with Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering market monitoring and reporting solutions.

With Infiniti’s market monitoring and reporting solution, the client wanted to tackle other business challenges such as:

Patient recruitment challenge #1: Finding the right sites and patients

Traditional patient recruitment process was time-consuming and required huge investments. The client, therefore, wanted to identify cost-effective technologies and processes to automate the cumbersome process of identifying patients who meet the criteria for their clinical trials. Additionally, they wanted to gather insights into technology solutions, such as using patient registries and online forums to improve patient recruitment and retention.

Patient recruitment challenge #2: Lack of awareness

Another setback was the lack of physician awareness about current clinical trials, which resulted in the lack of patient awareness. The client, therefore, wanted to increase physician awareness about the trials that are currently being conducted through collaboration and open communication between researchers, nurses, and physicians.

Patient recruitment challenge #3: Lack of promotional activities

They wanted to create promotional campaigns to encourage patient recruitment and retention. By doing so, they wanted to actively promote the benefits of clinical trial participation and help patients to better understand how they contribute to medical advancements.

With the clinical trial approval process becoming more efficient, patient recruitment and retention is becoming more critical. Our market monitoring and reporting solution can help you tackle all challenges related to patient recruitment.

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