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October 23, 2019

Non Alcoholic Beverage Industry Analysis

The increase in the global young‐adult demographic, surge in disposable income, and the rise in consumer demand for premium non alcoholic beverage products are driving the growth of the global non alcoholic beverage industry. However, the hyper-competitive and dynamic nature of the non alcoholic beverage industry necessitates companies to keep pace with changing market trends and consumer behavior. As such, companies in the non alcoholic beverage industry are partnering with firms like Infiniti Research to gain comprehensive insights into the current and potential market landscape, customer behavior, competitive landscape, and market developments for better planning and decision-making.

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Business Challenge

The client is a non alcoholic beverage company based out of Central Europe.

The client, a leading non alcoholic beverage company, witnessed stagnant growth for three consecutive years. Also, they started losing their market share to their competitors. They wanted to keep up with regional market developments and evolving consumer needs in the European beverage industry.  They also wanted to capitalize on profitable market opportunities to gain a competitive advantage. The client approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage our expertise in offering custom market intelligence solutions.

By leveraging Infiniti’s market intelligence solution, the client also wanted to tackle challenges such as:

Challenge #1: Increasing focus on health and wellness

As millennial consumers are becoming more health-conscious, they are opting for healthier alternatives that are non-carbonated and have fewer calories. Consequently, leading companies in the non alcoholic beverage industry are increasing focus on developing healthy drinks like plant-based waters, kombucha, and functional beverages. The client, therefore, wanted to understand the evolving consumer needs and spending patterns on non alcoholic beverages. Besides, they wanted to understand trends gaining popularity in the non alcoholic beverage industry.

Challenge #2: Cost-cutting

To offset declining volumes in the carbonated non alcoholic beverages category, leading companies in the European non alcoholic beverage industry were undertaking initiatives to streamline operations and cut costs. Also, major non alcoholic beverage companies are focusing on enhancing their operations through automation, including automated packaging, case picking, and forklift transportation. With Infiniti’s help, the client wanted to thoroughly analyze their competitors’ strategies and undertake strategies to protect margins in adverse market conditions.

Challenge #3: Rising focus on ready-to-drink beverages

As non alcoholic, ready-to-drink (NARTD) market has been witnessing positive growth over the past few years, the client was looking to invest in product development in these categories in an attempt to cater to evolving consumer demands. Therefore, the company in the non alcoholic beverage industry wanted help in product research and revenue estimation.

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competitive intelligence study, where the experts helped the client to stay on top of competitors’ product launches, strategic investments, distribution channels, and target markets to formulate better business strategies.

The last phase involved a product research engagement, where our experts helped the client to analyze the complete product development lifecycle, trade-offs, and gain insights on product-specific revenues to boost value proposition.

Results Obtained

By leveraging Infiniti’s market intelligence solution, the client was able to understand the evolving consumer needs and spending patterns. Also, by increasing the focus on non alcoholic, ready-to-drink beverage category, the client was able to enhance sales and profit margins. In addition, the client was able to streamline operations and cut down costs by automating production and packaging processes.

By gathering insights into the current and future market landscape, the client was able to make better strategic decisions before their competitors. Moreover, based on the experts’ product research study, they launched a new health drink in the market. This new health drink generated over €3 million in 2018 revenue, an increase of 57% from 2015 revenue.

Non alcoholic beverage industry

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