Infiniti’s Brand Strategy Process for a Leading Aluminum Sheet Metal Market Manufacturer Helps Improve Business Reach

August 24, 2018

Aluminum Sheet Metal Industry Overview

The global aluminum sheet metal industry is expected to experience strong growth in the coming years due to its widespread applications in industries such as aerospace and defense and automobile.

Rapid economic extension in emerging nations, coupled with the rising disposable income of people are the key factors driving the global automobile industry. This, in turn, will drive the global aluminum sheet metal market’s demand considerably. Additionally, new and developed aircraft which are eco-friendly and lighter in weight have been introduced. This has prompted aerospace and defense industry players to make use of aluminum sheet metal on a larger scale.

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About the Client

The client – a leading aluminum sheet metal market manufacturer based out of the United States. 

Client’s Challenge

The aluminum sheet metal market manufacturer was looking to identify the key elements of a robust brand strategy process that could be organized, redesigned, and deployed in accordance with their business plan. Additionally, the client wanted to categorize and leverage the key elements that would help them enhance their brand image and gain a winning edge over their peers in the market.

Business Outcome

With the help of Infiniti’s brand strategy process engagement, the aluminum sheet metal manufacturer gained detailed insights into the essential elements of a robust brand strategy. Additionally, the client comprehended all the touchpoints that shape market awareness, including product and service branding, corporate identity, and brand portfolio structure. This helped them modify their brand strategy and improve their business reach.

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