Industry Analysis and Market Opportunity Assessment for Textile Coating in North America

December 6, 2016

Business Challenge

A global supplier of chemical solutions was looking for market assessment services to analyze the market landscape for the textile coating industry in the US and Canada to support the optimization of their sales strategy.capture

To meet the client’s specific business requirements, our industry experts focused on market assessment services (in-depth interviews to assess market size, growth, trends and other dynamics), competitive assessment (in-depth interviews for the assessment of the 11 key players across the US and Canada), and customer intelligence (structured surveys for identification of 10 key end-users) to provide recommendations based on the information gathered through the study.


According to this market intelligence study, the textile coating industry witnessed a shift towards China over the past few years. In the global textiles market, China accounted for approximately 65% of the production while utilizing 25% of the goods internally. As a result, the client witnessed a fall in their market share owing to the surge in Chinese dominance over the market.

To help the client strengthen its market position, our industry experts carried out qualitative and quantitative assessment of target markets, untapped opportunities, scale of opportunity, industry dynamics, unmet needs, expected benefits, and distribution structure and planning. With the help of our effective solutions, the client was able to reassess the market and develop a sound strategy to strengthen their market position.

Our Approach

Our approach involved carrying out an in-depth research, comprising of proprietary and other open secondary sources like paid industry databases, annual reports, media platforms, news aggregators, industry forums, and company presentations. This approach also helped develop fundamental market hypotheses and identify stakeholders for primary research.

A comprehensive market intelligence research was also carried out to gather market and competitive information and develop actionable insights for the client. This comprised of in-depth interviews and discussions with industry experts, business executives, and market stakeholders to understand the dynamics unique to the market in the US and Canada.


A must-read case study for strategy experts and decision makers looking to establish themselves in the textile coating industry.

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