Marketing Strategy Plan for a Leading Healthcare Logistics Company: An Infiniti Research Case Study

September 26, 2018

Six Actionable Steps to Build a Robust Marketing Strategy Plan

Building a B2B marketing strategy plan is no simple task. The marketing strategy plan must deliver a strategy to transform business objectives into marketing priorities and goals while outlining the steps to execute and achieve those goals. Let’s look at the six crucial components to developing a complete marketing strategy plan:

  • Business Objectives
  • Marketing Priorities
  • Marketing Goals
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Key Actions
  • Dependencies and Risks

Aligning all the above-mentioned components means that the entire organization is on the same page, optimizing for the same metrics and goals.

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Client Profile

The client – is a leading healthcare logistics company based out of the United States. 


The healthcare logistics company was facing difficulties in developing a precise strategy plan. Additionally, the client’s obsolete marketing strategy plan was hindering the ability to meet their set marketing goals, because of which, they found it difficult to adapt to the healthcare logistics trends and establish their presence in a fast converging marketplace.

Solutions Delivered

With the help of Infiniti’s marketing strategy plan, the healthcare logistics client evaluated the different types of strategies and adopted the best strategy to achieve their goals. Additionally, the client executed detailed primary and secondary market research to develop a complete profile of the dynamism in the global healthcare logistics industry space.

Healthcare Logistics Industry Analysis

The higher focus on quality and product sensitivity in the global pharma industry is one of the primary growth factors for the healthcare logistics industry. Moreover, pharmaceutical manufacturers are facing challenges with sensitive products, such as customized treatments for rare diseases. This is consequently increasing the need to maintain the drugs accordingly as several medicines have a greater sensitivity to temperature, shorter shelf life, and varying levels of demand.

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