Emerging Packaging Design Trends: The Next Normal of Packaging

December 21, 2022

The pandemic reshaped industry megatrends in several ways that had significant short- and long-term implications for packaging design, thereby paving the way for new packaging trends. As the world emerges from the crisis, the new packaging trends are poised to transform packaging design, significantly reshaping the packaging industry. To bounce back and cater to the new demands of their end-users, packaging companies must rethink packaging design beyond must-haves, such as pricing, accessibility, and quality. Our experts have identified a few needs that all packaging companies must address. It includes- a good sustainability narrative, design, consumer safety, and design for e-commerce and direct-to-consumer models. These shifts and the resulting challenges could help companies grow by redefining their packaging portfolios and focusing on packaging innovation.

To help our clients, we recently analyzed the packaging sector and identified the forces reshaping packaging design. The aim is to help companies navigate complexities and stay ahead of the competition. This article sheds light on three focus areas for companies looking to jump-start their packaging design transformation journey.

Every new packaging design must have a strong sustainability narrative

Sustainability will remain a key trend reshaping industries. As far as packaging is concerned, leading CPG and retail have not abandoned sustainability goals and continue to strive to achieve their goals across their packaging portfolio. Given the growing importance of the new hygiene megatrend, sustainable packaging design will likely become a critical element that companies will have to focus on to gain an edge in the new normal.

Every design must be tailored for the eCommerce and direct-to-consumer models

The rise in online penetration and stay-at-home orders will have significant implications for packaging design. And this is primarily because of the fact that today’s packaging has been optimized for traditional brick-and-mortar requirements, not eCommerce shipments.

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Design with customer safety concerns in mind

The heightened concerns around hygiene and safety are expected to persist for several years. This means that packaging must address several hygiene aspects, particularly for food packaging and other packaging segments.

Given the rise in focus on design, it’s evident that the next normal will put packaging in the spotlight. As we adapt to the new normal, companies should rethink packaging design beyond existing must-haves. By focusing on emerging trends, businesses can achieve rapid growth. This means winning packaging designs will have to address the rising eCommerce needs, sustainability trends, safety concerns, and the essential cost and performance factors. Conversely, packaging companies that take no progressive action now will risk falling behind their proactive competitors.

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