Competitor Analysis for Leading US Home Health Agency

October 25, 2018

Overview of the Home Health Market

The healthcare industry is booming at an accelerating rate and is expected to do so in the coming years. This has resulted in the addition of a new segment that focuses on offering value-based home health services. However, the shift in consumer demands to avail quality services from the comforts of their home is necessitating the decentralization of services offered by the healthcare industry firms to assure comfort and care to patients. Other factors driving the growth of the global home health services market include the increasing demand for affordable healthcare treatments, awareness about home health agencies among the population, the pressure to decrease the healthcare treatments costs, and government support to promote the growth of home health agencies.

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Importance of Competitor Analysis Framework

A competitor analysis framework assists organizations to outsmart the global competition by capturing and keep track of the current state of the market. If developed and executed perfectly, the competitor analysis framework acts as a tool that helps businesses to figure out gaps in their competitor’s strategies; thereby, supporting them in adjusting their own business strategies to take advantage of new market possibilities. A competitor analysis framework is what helps companies to assess the competitive environment while encouraging you to answer important questions pertaining to market concentration, positioning along the value chain, and the competitors’ background.

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Client’s Profile

The client is one of the largest home health providers in the United States. The home health agency provides in-home skilled nursing, physical, occupational and speech therapy, medical social work, home aides, and hospice and bereavement services.

Client’s Challenges

As a part of their business strategy, the home healthcare market client wanted to devise a robust competitor analysis framework to analyze the potential of new markets. The expanding number of home health agency brands has drastically increased the level of competition in the market, making sustainability a key challenge for companies. As a result, the client wanted to generate an effective key competitor analysis framework that would allow them to identify new markets that they could experiment with and capitalize on.

Solutions Delivered

To address the home health industry agency’s challenges, our experts developed a competitor analysis framework to measure competitiveness in the global landscape. The development of a precise competitor analysis framework provided the required data to produce precise business strategies and gain a winning edge over their peers. As a result of our solutions and market insights, the home health agency was able to achieve comprehensive insights into their strengths and develop effective plans to become market leaders in the US region.

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