A Chinese Biopharmaceutical Market Client Improved the Agility of Operating Model for Therapeutic Areas to Better Handle Demand Shocks Using Custom Market Research Solution

Jun 12, 2020

Chinese Biopharmaceuticals Market Overview

The Chinese biopharmaceuticals market is projected to witness substantial growth through 2022. The market is largely driven by the growing geriatric population, increasing chronic diseases, and rising inclination toward targeted therapy. Also, the huge demand for biopharmaceutical is facilitated by an accelerating focus on research and related investment. However, COVID-19 has had a negative impact on the economy and therefore healthcare expenditure, hampering the Chinese biopharmaceuticals market growth. In these unprecedented times, the world is looking towards the biopharmaceuticals and medical-products industry for a response. As such, companies in the Chinese biopharmaceuticals industry must gauge the impact of COVID-19 on their business operations and respond appropriately, based on individual positions, capabilities, and goals.

The COVID-19 crisis is fundamentally changing how companies in the biopharmaceuticals sector operate in China, as it has put short-term pressure on budgets and undermined market fundamentals. Our business continuity support solutions can help biopharmaceutical companies to combat the business impact of the COVID-19. Request a complimentary proposal here.

Business Challenges Faced:

Our client, a biopharmaceutical company, based out of China, faced challenges in preparing for possible site closures and distribution delays, evaluating the need for new sources of supply for raw materials, and introducing new safety measures. Also, the Chinese biopharmaceuticals market client faced difficulties in identifying immediate implications across the value chain and responding to huge spikes in demand. Additionally, they faced challenges in evaluating bold moves, such as undertaking M&A in adjacent segments and deepening integration between digital and health tech. As a result, the company witnessed a huge decline in profits and encountered cash management challenges. The client, therefore, wanted to develop contingency plans for launches over the next six to 12 months, recognizing that health systems are coming under enormous strain in many markets. Also, they wanted to accelerate productivity improvements to respond to the pricing and access challenges that major economic shocks could bring. They chose to partner with Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering custom market research solution.

With custom market research solution, the Chinese biopharmaceuticals market client also wanted to:

  • Adapt their operating models to reflect shifting patient flows
  • Develop GTM (go-to-market) models that will serve as points of differentiation
  • Manage the risk of clinical trial disruption
  • Engage constructively on changing policies

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, some surface biopharmaceutical companies are developing contingency plans, while others are adopting strategic initiatives. Is your organization prepared to combat the COVID-19 pandemic challenges? If not, contact us to know how our business continuity solutions can help you to combat the business impacts of the COVID-19.

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