Leveraging Product Marketing: Strategic Benefits

July 26, 2019

Infiniti Research, a leading market intelligence solutions provider, has announced the launch of its latest newsletter on the benefits of leveraging a product marketing strategy. With the evolving market dynamics and rising customer needs and demands, businesses often face challenges in efficiently marketing their products and services. By leveraging a product marketing strategy, businesses can create targeted marketing and sales approaches to efficiently market their product and service offerings.

A CPG Company’s Secret to Success

With product delivery and marketing becoming more and more digitalized, ensuring consistency in brand management and marketing initiatives is becoming quite difficult for CPG brands. Owing to such challenges, a CPG company based out of the United States recognized the need to formulate an efficient product marketing strategy to drive value in their respective regions, brand portfolios, and product categories. The company also needed to cut down on their marketing spend, as well as required more insights into their target market.

Our recommendations helped the company to develop multi-channel campaigns to reach their customer base. Also, Infiniti’s product marketing strategy helped the CPG company to achieve 12% growth in net sales in the first year.

Infiniti’s Product Marketing Strategy Unlocks Spike in Product Orders

The surge in the prevalence of cardiac diseases has generated high demand for pacemakers which is driving the growth of the global pacemaker market. However, increasing healthcare costs, R&D expenses, and the complexities associated with the manufacturing of medical devices are still increasing challenges for medical device manufacturers to efficiently serve their customer base. In this context, medical devices companies, especially companies that are new to a market are finding it vital to invest in formulating an efficient product marketing strategy to reach out to the end-users. Our client, a medical device manufacturer also went through the same dilemma. The company chose to partner with Infiniti Research, a custom market intelligence solutions provider, to leverage its expertise in offering product marketing strategies.

Infiniti’s product marketing strategy engagement helped the client to identify the product’s market potential and devise robust product marketing strategies. As a result, the company achieved a 37% increase in product orders.

Infiniti’s Product Marketing Strategy Elevates Sales and Productivity for a Food Company

There are limitless techniques to market your food products, starting from catchy cover and packaging designs to providing discounts and exciting offers. But, the challenge here lies in understanding your potential customers’ needs and identifying their purchasing patterns. This is where a company like Infiniti Research can make your work easier as it did for a major natural food company based out of the United States. Crippled by the lack of expertise and support necessary to build and deploy an efficient marketing strategy, the company turned to Infiniti Research for a solution.

With our help, the client was able to devise a robust strategy. Furthermore, by leveraging our product marketing strategy engagement, the company was able to achieve its revenue goal within two years of launching new products.

Curtailing Marketing Spend for a Vegan Food Brand

Although veganism is poised for real growth in the US retail sector in the coming years, vegan companies will need to have an efficient product marketing strategy to reach their profitable customer segments. Our client, a US-based vegan company faced challenges in marketing their product offerings due to their unstructured approach to product marketing. Also, they faced difficulties in engaging with their potential customers and building brand awareness.

By leveraging Infiniti’s expertise in strategy creation, the vegan company was able to curtail marketing spend and efficiently manage its resources. As a result, they were able to reduce their total marketing spend by 27%.

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