Automotive Cost-Effective Solutions with Competitive Intelligence

January 3, 2018

Business Challenge

A renowned automotive industry client with numerous offerings spread globally wanted to keep track of the competitors’ plan and actions and the activities of the suppliers. Moreover, the client wanted to compare the assortment prices for the services rendered and offer low-cost compatible solutions to focus on customer requirements. The primary concern of the automotive industry client was to profile the major automotive players in terms of the lines of product and devise a business plan that meets customers’ expectation.

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

To assess the current product line and understand the projected profit margins, the competitive intelligence experts at Infiniti carried out extensive research including interviews and discussions with leading stakeholders in the automotive industry. To maximize profitability and identify the growth opportunity, the experts further compiled information from secondary sources such as trade shows, competitor interviews, and government records in the automotive industry.

The competitive intelligence solution offered by Infiniti helped the automotive industry client gauge information about the competitors and their offerings and tailor their product offerings based on the customers’ requirement. The engagement further helped the automotive industry client gain accurate information on the stakeholders and predict the future market conditions. The solution offered by Infiniti also allowed the automotive industry client to focus on long-term issues such as the key risks and opportunities and identify lucrative markets to scale their product offerings.

Automotive Industry Analysis

In recent years, automotive industry players are focusing on improving the return on capital and to keep pace with the ongoing rates; the stakeholders are developing new business models. With the latest innovations taking place in the automotive space, leading manufacturers are planning to commercialize their businesses and revenue models to better connect with the customers and drive loyalty. Also, with the increase in the demand for automobile products from emerging economies, companies in the automotive industry are planning to improve business outcomes through M&A and better investment decisions. Although the industry is witnessing promising growth, several factors will influence the growth of the market in the coming years. These include:

  • Political uncertainty: The ongoing fluctuations in policy, leadership, and other dynamics have affected the vehicle sales both in the US and Europe. The policies proposed by the countries regarding trade and environment regulations are changing – creating uncertainty in the purchase of newly launched vehicles.
  • Economic crisis: With the recent economic crisis, there has been a considerable decline in the growth of the market and car manufacturers are facing pressures to adapt their offerings to stay competitive in the market. Various automotive manufacturers are refining their product architecture to offer low-cost models to efficiently reach out to the customers and sustain their presence in this ever-competitive world.

Future of Automotive Industry

The future of the automotive industry will be marked by digitization and increasing automation in terms of autonomous driving and electrification. These changes will transform the traditional manufacturing space and help industry players diversify toward on-demand mobility services and data-driven services.

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